03 Aug 2016

Lightcapturers: Cinematography, Cars and Passion

Auto-Focus In their beginning, there was light… as well as the talent to capture it on camera so beautifully that big names in the auto industry could not help but take notice. And they saw that it was good… Ok, so perhaps it wasn’t quite that biblical in nature. But

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Emmy Nominated Grads
15 Jul 2016

Congratulations To Our Emmy-Nominated Grads!

Nine of our grads have worked on six Emmy-Nominated shows this year, continuing a tradition of success What a great year! Our alumni have worked on dozens of television series over this past year, and nine of our grads worked on six Emmy-Nominated shows. Congratulations! Joshua Gitersonke Nominee Program: Film, 2007

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17 Jun 2016

LAFS Alum Brandon Trost Named in Top 20 Cinematographers List

We are proud to announce that star alumnus Brandon Trost has been named in the list of the top 20 cinematographers by Collider, a popular film news and reviews website. From Collider: “…Brandon Trost is infusing the genre with refreshingly unique visuals and an intensity that feels reserved for high-concept

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06 Jun 2016

Premiere of Misfortune At The TCL Chinese Theatre

Want to watch a film grad’s premiere of Misfortune at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood? Now is your chance! When – Friday, June 10th at 9:30pm Where – TCL Chinese Theatre

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16 Mar 2016

Film Grad Marcus Ajose Is on Shameless

A testament to hard work and dedication, Film grad Marcus Ajose has been making swift moves in the industry, and has landed a role on Showtime’s Shameless. Learning filmmaking can have payoffs both behind and in front of the camera. Marcus Ajose, a film graduate, has also led a career

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Ruddy Salazar
15 Mar 2016

Entertainment Business Alum Ruddy Salazar Talks National Geographic

Ruddy Salazar, a Film and Entertainment Business grad, has been hard at work on projects both big and small. Ruddy Salazar is making moves in the industry. A hard worker with a brand of discipline and teamwork that only comes from those with a military background, he has worked on

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best picture
23 Feb 2016

Congrats to Our Oscar-Nominated Grads!

Six of our grads have worked on five Oscar-Nominated films this year, continuing a tradition of success What a great year! Our alumni have worked on dozens of feature films and television series over this past year, and six of our grads worked on five Oscar-Nominated films. Congratulations! Ariana Miller Program:

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flying lotus
14 Feb 2016

Film Grad Flying Lotus Receives Grammy Nomination

Steve Ellison, also known as Flying Lotus, has been hard at work on dance music, and received a nomination for his efforts at the 2016 Grammy Awards Talk about a hard worker! We would like to congratulate Film Grad Steve Ellison (Flying Lotus) for his work on the 2016 Grammy

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03 Feb 2016

Film Grad Will Tijerina Talks Production

It started out as little more than a bet. One day after his graduation ceremony, Los Angeles Film School alumnus Will Tijerina began applying online for production crew positions. Hoping to demonstrate to his girlfriend the type of driven attitude that he wanted her to display once she finished at

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Chaz Echols
27 Jan 2016

Chaz Echols, Film Grad, Talks Screenwriting

Grace Under Pressure You don’t have to tell Chaz Echols how difficult it is to break into Hollywood as a screenwriter. The Los Angeles Film School alumnus is keenly aware that his current success in the industry is atypical even for the most seasoned of non-union writers, let alone recent

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