23 Sep 2015

Film Grad Alec Nickel Talks Production

If you ever get a moment to speak face to face to Los Angeles Film School alumnus Alec Nickel, you also might want to buy a lottery ticket on that same day. No, he’s not production snob who thumbs his nose at others. He’s simply been just unbelievably busy and

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26 Aug 2015

Film Grad was Associate Producer on Green Zone

The Los Angeles Film School is proud of our grads, including Film program graduate, Alvaro Ron. Ron has worked as a writer, director and producer on several features. His work includes Behind The Curtain, Scrapbook Memories, The Red Thunder, and Green Zone, starring Matt Damon. Congratulations to you on all of your hard

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21 Aug 2015

Film Grad worked on Wet Hot American Summer

Film Grad Kevin Atkinson shot the latest David Wain Netflix Original Series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Atkinson, who was chosen by Wain himself, recalls his experience at The Los Angeles Film School, and discusses what it was like working on the comedy featuring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler.

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12 Aug 2015

Film Grad Discusses Directing

We sat down with Angelina Ramsey, our Production Manager and Film Grad to discuss her pursuits in the industry. What inspired you want to get involved in the entertainment industry? I was raised on films. I was raised by my beautiful single-mother who was a full-time student at UCLA when I was

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31 Jul 2015

Grad Founded Evolution Film Festival

The Los Angeles Film School is proud of our film graduate, Sandra Seeling, for her work founding the Evolution, Mallorca International Film Festival. This thriving screening series has quickly gained traction internationally, and each year holds an event in our Main Theater. We are proud of you, Sandra! MISSION STATEMENT   Evolution, Mallorca

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29 Jul 2015

Film Grad Worked on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

The Los Angeles Film School is proud to announce that Film grad Kevin Atkinson worked on the new Netflix series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. On this series, Atkinson worked as cinematographer, and his previous credits include American Storage and The Hug. Congratulations, Kevin! We are proud of you! Watch the trailer

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10 Jun 2015

Film Grad Working at Netflix

We would like to congratulate Film Grad and U.S. Marine Vet Cody Gere for his job working in the writing room for Netflix. Cody has directed several short films, including I Am My Brother’s Keeper, Dead Battery Agony, and Junk Yard. Gere also supplied his voice to the hit Activision game, Call of

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03 Jun 2015

Film Grad Daniel Egbert’s Documentary

We are proud to announce that Film Graduate Daniel Egbert’s documentary, Project 22, has opened in 28 theaters across the country. The new film has garnered rave reviews from critics, and was accepted by Peggy Siegal to launch an Oscar nomination campaign. Egbert’s production company, Medicinal Missions, has worked hard to gather hard

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27 May 2015

Film Grad Blake Dellinger Discusses The Industry

We sat down with Film Graduate Blake Dellinger to discuss his experiences in the industry, and how he has overcome new challenges. What inspired you want to get involved in the entertainment industry? “Originally? To be honest I can’t remember – so I called my mom and asked her. She

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25 Mar 2015

Film Grad Kevin Otte Discusses Working in Film

We sat down with Film graduate Kevin Otte about his experience in the industry, and how he has overcome the challenges of filmmaking. What sparked your interest in the entertainment industry? “Growing up, there were so many movies that caused me to have a very adventurous childhood. It was one

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