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How to Use Video Chat

From class projects to industry insider events, we’re spending more time connecting virtually than ever before. Yet despite these new but strange circumstances we’re still expected to put our best foot—or in this case, face—forward. Follow these simple video conference tips to make a lasting impression on your next audition tape, job interview or class project.

What You Should Know as a First-Time PA

As a PA, your main job is to make everyone else’s easier. We’re giving you the inside scoop on how to nail your PA gig as a first timer. These tips also apply to graduates who is starting out in the entertainment industry.

When Visual Art and Music Collide

Art comes in many forms. But what do you get when a musical artist and a visual artist bring their two mediums together? The results are complex videos with compelling imagery that is unique from their more mainstream counterparts. To show the range of what’s possible, we put together some of our favorite collaborations.

Halloween at The Los Angeles Film School

If 2020 has brought us anything, it’s a roller coaster of emotions. Not that we need more scares (of a serious nature) this year, but we present you with our Halloween Horror virtual events recap! Hats off to everyone who participated. The level of creativity and comradery in our school’s community is something that makes […]

Subtle Ways to Boost Terror in Your Horror Film

Production Design Hacks to Heighten the Horror Much of what makes a good horror film, well, a good horror film relies on aspects outside of the horror story itself. Overwhelming your audience’s senses is key to nailing down an artistic and terrifying film. Whether it be a suggestive set, an intuitive color story, or thoughtful […]

7 New Releases We’ll Be Streaming This Fall

It’s Officially Fall! Here’s What’s New and Good in Streaming Looking for some new streaming content for the upcoming season? From new seasons of your favorite shows to remakes and reboots of classics, there’s quite a bit of fresh streaming goodness coming your way. Check out a few of the most anticipated shows and films […]