Baby Driver
19 Jul 2017

Grad Worked on Baby Driver

LAFS alumnus Austin Harris (Film, 2011) has really found his niche as an aerial cinematographer. He has shot from the sky for recent blockbusters: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Baby Driver, and Kong: Skull Island. His past work is as diverse as Supergirl, Superbowl 50, Bosch, and Dancing with

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18 Jul 2017

Grad Worked on Spider-Man: Homecoming

Derek Thomason Worked On The Latest Spidey Feature LAFS alumnus, Derek Thomason (ASF 2011) worked as a Production Assistant on Spiderman: Homecoming, which is currently in theatres. He also worked on Feud: Joan and Bette and Ray Donovan, both of which have been nominated for Primetime Emmy’s this year. He

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brodie cooper
11 Apr 2017

Brodie Cooper Wins At IdyllWild Film Festival!

From Animation to Horror, Brodie’s filmmaking styles are making waves Brodie Cooper graduated from the Film degree program in 2016. Having grown up with an unreserved love for film, he went to the movie store each weekend to check out both the latest releases, and perennial classics. As a massive

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05 Apr 2017

Izrael Lliteras Interviewed By Voyage LA

Izrael Lliteras is a film graduate on a mission Interested in visual arts from a young age, Izrael Lliteras is a 2013 graduate who, inspired by his parents, followed a path into the entertainment industry. After injuring his hand at a young age, Lliteras made the transition from drawing and

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22 Mar 2017

Grad Khara Campbell is Production Manager at Sony

Khara Campbell has built success at Sony and AOL Film alumnus, Khara Campbell (Aug 2008), has been busy since graduating working as a production manager for Sony and AOL. Over the last 3 years, she was the producer of many episodes of the PBS series, Makers: Women Who Make America.

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land of mine
22 Feb 2017

Oscar Nom Film Edited by Alum to Screen at LAFS

Check out a screening of the Oscar-Nominated film, Land of Mine this Friday This Friday, we will be offering a free screening the Oscar-Nominated film, Land of Mine, followed by a Q&A with the film’s editor, film graduate Per Sandholt. Land of Mine has been nominated for Best Foreign Picture

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17 Jan 2017

Film Alums Take Sundance

Eight alums worked on films that were screened at Sundance 2017 Our illustrious grads are working hard in the film industry, creating award-winning content around the world. This year, eight of our alums worked on films that will be screened at Sundance Film Festival 2017. We would like to congratulate

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hannah lux davis
16 Aug 2016

Award-Winning Grad Hannah Lux Davis Featured In Cosmopolitan

Hannah Lux Davis has been hard at work since graduating from our Film Program. If you haven’t heard of Hannah Lux Davis, you have likely seen her work. For years, Hannah has worked as a music video director for artists including Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Fifth Harmony, Cher Lloyd, Jessie

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03 Aug 2016

Lightcapturers: Cinematography, Cars and Passion

Auto-Focus In their beginning, there was light… as well as the talent to capture it on camera so beautifully that big names in the auto industry could not help but take notice. And they saw that it was good… Ok, so perhaps it wasn’t quite that biblical in nature. But

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