30 Sep 2015

Grads Win At 2015 Emmy Awards

What an incredible year for our grads, and for television! We are proud of their work at the 67th Emmy Awards! The Los Angeles Film School would like to congratulate all of our graduates who worked on Emmy-nominated and Emmy-winning shows this season. Our graduates’ shows had 33 nominations and

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19 Aug 2015

Recording Arts Grad Talks Studio Life

We sat down with Recording Arts graduate Dalyn Darone and discussed his pursuits in the music industry. What inspired you want to get involved in the entertainment industry? “As a high school student, eventually the time comes when you have to ask yourself, “what career path do I want to

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22 Jul 2015

Recording Arts grad worked on Minions

We are proud to announce that Recording Arts graduate Frank Buckner worked on the summer animated hit, Minions! Buckner worked on this film as an Assistant ADR Recordist, and also is credited for his work on Noah, The Judge and Pompeii. Congratulations to you on this accomplishment, Frank! We are proud of you! Watch the

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13 May 2015

Recording Grad Derrell Davis discusses working in the industry

We sat down with Recording Arts graduate Derrell Davis to discuss what he loves about working in the industry. What inspired you want to get involved in the entertainment industry? “Growing up a skateboarder i was introduced to all types of music form all different genres.  I was always fascinated

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01 Apr 2015

Recording Grad Carles Abraham Discusses Working in the Music Industry

We had the opportunity to sit down with Recording Arts graduate Carles Abraham and discuss his experience working in the industry. What sparked your interest in the entertainment industry? I have always been drawn to music since I was a small child in my grandfather’s baptist church in Little Rock,

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25 Feb 2015

Graduate Shawn Seeger Discusses Working at ESPN

We sat down to speak with Shawn Seeger, a graduate who is now working at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut. When asked what it is like working at ESPN, Shawn replied, “It is a great job. I definitely have a lot of fun working here.” Shawn has a diverse background in

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18 Feb 2015

Recording Grad Thomas Crowder Discusses Working In Music

“It has always been a passion of mine to enter the industry.” As a fresh-faced student at the Los Angeles Film School, Thomas Crowder had no prior background in the audio industry, only a passion for music and a drive to learn as much possible. Fast-forward two years later, and he has established

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23 Jan 2015


This week we are highlighting Drew Drucker. He graduated in 2005 from the Los Angeles Recording School. Drew’s interest in recording and being part of the entertainment industry really took shape when he was in high school. Drew took digital music technology classes at his local community college and realized

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01 Oct 2013

Recording Grad Andrew Medina Working as Audio Engineer

Drew Medina originally walked into an interview expecting to be apply for an internship, but instead walked out with a paying job. Hip hop and R&B indie label Diamond Cartel was in need of an in-house engineer to mix, master and record their artists and those coming into the studio.

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22 Aug 2013

Recording Alum Jaziel Sommers Working at Will Smith’s Recording Studio

Los Angeles Film School Recording Arts alum Jaziel Sommers has been seeing a lot of success as of late, and he’s only been a graduate of the program for five months. The first month out of the program he landed an internship at Will Smith’s recording studio The Boom Boom

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