We are proud to announce that Film Graduate Daniel Egbert’s documentary, Project 22, has opened in 28 theaters across the country. The new film has garnered rave reviews from critics, and was accepted by Peggy Siegal to launch an Oscar nomination campaign. Egbert’s production company, Medicinal Missions, has worked hard to gather hard facts that drive the film’s mission, shedding light on the trauma experienced by soldiers returning home from war. Read more about the film, and watch the trailer here.

Congratulations, Daniel! We are so proud of you!

Here is the synopsis of Project 22, retrieved from their website.

“Project 22 was a 22 day, 6,500 mile motorcycle awareness campaign from San Francisco to New York City to raise awareness of the high rate of suicides within the Veteran community. As we traveled across the country, we spoke with many Veterans who had contemplated or attempted suicide and asked them for their stories; what led them to it and what brought them out of it. The responses regarding the challenges were in remarkable unison although the hope they found came in many different forms. We were able to explore the therapeutic potential behind sailing, pottery, education, activism, family, service dogs, painting and more.

We also spoke with leading researchers of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress, mental health clinicians and educators, as well as, leading experts in warrior culture and combat stress. Coupled with the insightful and potentially life changing information we captured in interviews, we filmed the motorcycle awareness campaign, including camping, several organized rides and our final ride being escorted into World Trade Center by the Port Authority Police Department. We gathered incredible footage and news coverage in multiple cities, including Pittsburgh and New York.

Doc flew back to Dallas with a small crew to film three interviews missed during the trip due to inclement weather. Medicinal Missions will continue the awareness campaign, through events and social media, leading up to and following the release of the documentary, Project 22.

Project 22 was entirely crowd-funded via an IndieGoGo campaign and private donations. In addition, the crew was offered food, lodging and assistance wherever we rode, helping keep production costs low. Project 22, a Medicinal Missions production, is fiscally sponsored by From The Heart Productions, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.”