White Collar Zoo is Web TV; broadcasting live music and video content in HD from across the world, providing a platform to showcase music, film, documentaries, comedy, art, fashion and animation from the best up and coming artists and producers.
White Collar Zoo was founded in 2011 to enable creatives to reach a mainstream audience – based around the motto “the mainstream is too narrow”. The name came from a track by one of the founders Lee Thomas, which is all about escaping the 9-5 rat race, to follow your dreams and do something more creative.
In addition to creating original shows, White Collar Zoo provides a platform to showcase your work. Recently, Jam Café in Nottingham, UK became their first venue to stream live music to viewers around the world. They have other venues across the UK to be rolled out soon with a goal of 200 venues across the world.
At the end of 2012 White Collar Zoo partnered with Los Angeles Recording School graduate Dave Stanley, who since graduating in 2009 has been refining his skills to become the best he can be at his passion. Together with his studio complex Rofl Audio; Nottingham’s first facility to operate at a world standard in all aspects of the recording process, White Collar Zoo are able to ensure the highest quality entertainment.
Teaming up has opened up more avenues to provide more opportunities and a bigger platform to both talent home in the UK and also talent in Los Angeles, providing accessible exposure to the world’s 2nd largest downloader of digital music, and 3rd largest market in all music sales!
All students, graduates and alumni from The Los Angeles Film, Recording, Game and Animation School should take full advantage of this opportunity and let White Collar Zoo and Rofl Audio work with you to showcase everything you have to offer.
Contact them to discuss your talent and career at studio@whitecollarzoo.tv for film and animation or dave@roflaudio.co.uk for artist and music producers.

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