Whether you’re working with the next Robert DeNiro or the next Steven Seagal, it would be nearly impossible to make a non-documentary film without actors. No matter the stars you may cast, there’s one truth above and beyond their abilities: a good director can make any actor or actress shine in front of the camera.
The Los Angeles Film School’s acting classroom is designed to look like a loft apartment, set on a soundstage. Students are trained to step into the roll of director and become familiar with the process of directing talent in this comfortable and realistic film production setting.



At some point in the process of becoming a filmmaker, you will need to watch movies. You might start with the classics, a few cult favorites, or maybe a recent blockbuster you couldn’t view in theatres. Regardless of the movie genre, this is the place to watch it.
In this fully equipped screening room, students learn about film by watching films. You’ll examine the techniques of established directors and cinematographers who have come before you, then debate the choices they’ve made. You’ll examine script elements and point out continuity errors, and you’ll enjoy it all with top-notch sound and picture quality in this state-of-the-art facility. Sounds like a pretty good day at school, doesn’t it?
80-seat digital projection screening room
JVC DLA HD2K native 1020 x1080 Digital Cinema Projector
LD-HD2KBU Digital Video Processor
Denon AVR985SP AV Receiver
Denon DN-V300 Progressive Scan DVD player
JBL Theatre Monitors