Veteran Convos: Self-Love and Affirmations

During June's Veteran Convos, we will discuss the barriers to self-love and the ways in which individuals can cultivate it. We will also engage in a fun activity - the "I Am" poem.  An “I Am” poem is a type of personal poem in which you will have the opportunity to describe yourself through a series of prompts. Writing and sharing these are a wonderful way to express yourself and feel known. Therapist, Randy Brown, will also join us to support you and answer any questions that you may have.
If you are interested in learning more about your self-love, please feel free to complete the Self-Love quiz in the link below.

If you are also interested in writing your "I Am" poem before the event, use the template in the link provided below.

**Don't forget to bring your pens and papers for a fun activity!**

Students check your email or Connect for link to join!


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