Bachelor of Science in Film Production – Directing

Program Length – 36 months

Total Credits: 120

Chronological Course order

MonthCourse Code/TitleCredits
1FMP 100 Film History3
2FMP 120 Introduction to Film Production3
3HUM 110 Introduction to Transmedia Design3
4FMP 130 Digital Editing I3
5FMP 140 Cinematography I3
6FMP 160 Directing I3
7FMP 150 Production Design I3
8FMP 170 Production I3
9ENG 101 Creative Writing3
10FMP 230 Digital Editing II3
FMP 125 Screenwriting I1
11FMP 240 Cinematography II3
FMP 136 Screenwriting II1
12HUM 251 Historical Archetypes and Mythology3
MAT 121 Quantitative Principles3
13FMP 246 Sound Production and Design I3
14FMP 260 Directing II3
15FMP 280 Production Management3
16FMP 270 Production II4
17FMP 290 Postproduction3
18SPC 214 Creative Presentation3
19FMP 380 Acting for Filmmakers3
20FMP 330 Documentaries and Reality Production I3
21FMP 331 Documentaries and Reality Production II3
22FMP 350 Script Analysis and Coverage3
23MTH 310 Statistical Applications3
ENG 326 Professional Writing3
24FMP 306 Sound Production and Design II3
25HUM 222 Aesthetics and Culture3
FMP 355 Writing the TV Pilot: Outline and Draft2
26FMP 317 Directing III3
FMP 356 Writing the TV Pilot: Rewrite1
27FMP 370 Art of Creative Producing3
28HUM 330 Transmedia Storytelling3
29FMP 445 Thesis Film Writing and Development3
30FMP 450A Thesis Film Preproduction I3
31FMP 450B Thesis Film Preproduction II3
32FMP 455 Thesis Film Production3
33HUM 420 Contemporary Art3
34FMP 460 Advanced Postproduction I3
35FMP 465 Advanced Postproduction II3
36FMP 490 Creative Portfolio Development3

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