Clive Davis Q&A Live-Stream

Clive Davis, a revelatory Music Producer, shared his story of success in our Main Theatre

Clive Davis is truly a music industry icon. To a great degree, his work in the field helped sculpt the music landscape that we know and love today. If you have touched the knob on a radio, you have heard the results of his decades of hard work discovering some of the biggest artists of all-time. From Aretha Franklin to Whitney Houston, Aerosmith to Alicia Keys, his incredible ability to identify and cultivate talent is without peer in the recording industry. Davis joined us along with Chris Perkel, the director of the critically acclaimed film, The Soundtrack of our Lives, where they discussed the process of making the film, and shared stories from Clive Davis’ storied career as a music mogul.

Check out our live stream of the momentous occasion below.

Clive Davis at The Los Angeles Film School from The LA Film School on Vimeo.