LARS LIVE: W.O.W. Women of Wonders

The show is LARS LIVE: “W.O.W. Women of Wonders” and will showcase all female inspired music and visual art.  Our student host will also be doing a fun interview with Tammy Elliott as our female leader showcase for the event! You won’t want to miss this!

6:00pm | Thursday 3/25/21

Ladies Who Launch

Missed it the first time? Catch the replay of this awesome event! The digital media space is a multi-billion-dollar industry and growing faster than ever.  With the rise of diverse female driven content, these stories have directly contributed to the presence and overall growth of the digital media landscape. In this panel discussion, we’ve invited ladies from FBE/REACT, Buzzfeed and All Def Digital to talk about how they are shaping female voices and influencing female driven narratives in digital media.

Panelists are:
Alexis Tirado, Head of Buzzfeed Multicultural & Pero Like
Megan Thomas, Head of Production / On-Air Talent, All Def Digital
Nneka Enurah, Head of FBE/React

FB Stream to take Place

12:00pm | Friday 4/9/21

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Guest Speakers on Campus

Jacques Thelemaque