What is Career Development?

The Career Development Department works tirelessly, in conjunction with your chosen curricula, to prepare you with interpersonal and professional skills, support your vocational goals, and help to bridge the gap between academia and the workplace. We employ a dedicated staff of industry professionals who have contributed to successful projects and worked at top entertainment industry companies around the world. Our staff helps students and graduates navigate through their chosen fields, prepare for contact with potential employers, and learn the realities of “the biz,” ensuring that they have the necessary skills to secure employment, build a career, and sustain it successfully. We’re here to help build your future!

To see alumni work and learn more about our alumni services, please visit our alumni page.

Career Development Services

Career Advisement: Our staff possess a combined 103 years of industry experience, and serve as an invaluable resource for students and graduates.

Internship and Job Search Advice and Assistance: Graduating students and alumni receive regular email blasts highlighting new job openings and internships, as well as industry-related events and opportunities in the local community.

Employer Presentations and On-Campus Interviews: The Career Development Department hosts on-campus presentations and job interviews with national and regional employers. Trusted for our ability to provide excellent candidates who are ready to assume entry-level positions, we’re often the “first port-of-call” for entertainment industry companies looking to hire new graduates.

Alumni Relations: Graduates in good standing may continue to receive job and internship email blasts, as well as attend guest speaker lectures, on-campus events, and employer presentations.

The Los Angeles Film School
Career Development Department
Building 2, 6353 Sunset Boulevard, 6th Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028

Phone: 1-323-769-2716
Fax: 323.960.3822


Monday – Friday
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Students can show up during the following times without an appointment to meet with an Advisor:

  • •Tuesdays 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • •Wednesdays 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


How do I determine which person is my Advisor?

Advisors are assigned prior to your one-on-one advisor appointment (generally 6-10 weeks before graduation). We will email your Advisor assignment along with your appointment day and time.

Can I hold an internship while I’m still in school?

Students are encouraged to focus on their course of study while in school in order to give it the full attention it requires. You may choose to hold an internship while still in school; however, school credit is only given as part of our post-graduate internship program.

Will Career Development place me in a job after graduation?

No. The Career Development Department is not a “placement office.” We do offer job search assistance and can provide job leads, but we do not guarantee you a job.


In addition to pursuing technical studies, students are required to complete a separate Career Development Curriculum. These courses are designed to educate students on the business communications skills and industry etiquette necessary to progress in their chosen careers.


  • Research Techniques and Job-Hunting Skills
  • Cover Letter and Resume Writing
  • Networking Strategies
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • The Art of the Pitch
  • How to Write Script Coverage
  • Building a Career “Below the Line” in Film and TV Production


  • Personal Career Guidance – a series of mandatory, one-on-one meetings with an assigned Career Development Advisor
  • Job and Internship Assistance – available to both students and graduates
  • Guest Speaker Lecture Series
  • Alumni Relations


Clinics – Recording School

Clinics may be scheduled at varying dates and times in our labs and studios. The various topics covered throughout the year either reinforce what is taught in our courses, or are complementary to our curriculum. Clinics are available to all students on a limited seating basis, and students may sign up for any clinics that do not interfere with their existing class schedules.


Job Assistance

Students graduating in good standing are eligible to receive our job alerts email. This bi-weekly email blast contains a list of currently available jobs in film, television, audio, and media, and includes monthly industry event calendars as well as invitations to special events on campus.