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Are you passionate about music? Do you have a strong desire to learn about the professional side of the music industry? With our online degree program, you’ll learn how to produce and compose your own music and what it takes to get your songs heard.


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Being a successful music industry professional requires an understanding of what it takes to transform a song from a concept to a well-produced and successful recording. Our program not only teaches you the technology and techniques behind music production, but also how to protect your creative interests legally and financially. Whether you come to our program as a passionate beginner or as an already successful artist, and no matter your style of music – from hip-hop and R&B to rock and pop – our coursework has you covered. Our 20-month Associate of Science in Music Production Degree program focuses on three areas of study: composition, production and the business side of managing music. You’ll hear from industry leaders, network with your peers on discussion boards and create real-world projects to showcase, all while learning about the many different roles within the music industry.

You’ll receive training in: Mixing • Songwriting • Sequencing • Digital Recording • Production • Copyright & Business


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Our degree program is delivered 100% online through our Learning Management System, a secure web-based multimedia platform that is accessible 24 hours a day.

Gear & Software

We equip you with everything you need to start your professional music production studio: a MacBook Pro, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Suite, headphones, MIDI keyboard, USB audio interface, large-diaphragm condenser microphone and more!*

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