Los Angeles Film School

For a summary of the graduation and employment data reported to ACCSC in our most recent annual report for applicable programs, click here – ACCSC disclosures

Employment Rate Calculation Method

In calculating Employment Rates for reporting to our accrediting agency, The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (“ACCSC”), the school is required to track students by cohorts grouped by program/program variant and program start date. In order to determine the cohorts to be reported on annually, the school follows the below procedures:

Take the published program length in months and multiply by 1.5. Take the resultant figure and add 3 months to determine the reporting period end in months. Then using the report date provided by ACCSC, subtract the reporting period end in months figure from the report date to determine the reporting period end date. Then take the reporting period end date and subtract 12 months from the reporting period end date to determine the reporting period begin date.

As an example, ACCSC’s annual report date is currently July of the year in which the report is to be submitted. Thus, if we assume a report date of July 2015 for a program with a published length of 18 months, we determine the cohort group reporting period as follows:

18 months X 1.5 = 27 months
27 Months + 3 Months = 30 Months
July 2015 – 30 Months = December 2012 (Reporting Period End Date)
December 2012 – 12 Months = January 2012 (Reporting Period Begin Date)

In this scenario, the cohorts we would report on for Employment Rates would be graduates who started the program/program variant between January 2012 and December 2012.

It should be noted, that the school may exclude from graduates for employment reporting, graduates who fall onto the below categories:

  • Graduates who continue their education at another school (or this school) on at least a half time basis
  • Graduates who have passed away
  • Graduates who become incarcerated
  • Graduates in active military service deployment
  • Graduates who suffer a medical condition that prevents employment
  • International Students who are enrolled on the basis of student or work Visa and are ineligible for sustainable employment in the USA post graduation