campus degrees

Begin your journey on our historic campus in the heart of Hollywood. Choose your path with one of our Bachelor’s or Associate degree options.



Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Push the limits of your imagination in our professionally-equipped labs. From Visual Effects in movies to graphics in video games, our Animation program is designed to teach you the same technology and techniques that expert digital artists use in the industry.

Audio Production

Bachelor and Associate of Science Degree Programs

Audio is all around us – from radio and concerts to TV, movies and video games. Our program gives you the opportunity to experience all of the facets of the audio industry, whether you’re passionate about live events, post-production sound for film or engineering an album.

Entertainment Business

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Our comprehensive program blends your artistic passion with marketable business savvy. Learn all aspects of the business behind the curtains, from brand development to artist management and more.


Bachelor and Associate of Science Degree Programs

Do you dream of creating a motion picture legacy? Get ready to join a unique group of people who share the desire to explore every aspect of modern filmmaking. Our instructors step off of the set and into the classroom to help you bring your vision to screens both big and small.

Music Production

Associate of Science Degree Program

Ready to be heard? We teach you the skills needed to create your own songs, scores and soundtracks by providing an understanding of professional software, gear and contemporary techniques in music theory and composition. If music is your life, this is where it all begins.

ONLINE degrees

Our exciting online Bachelor’s and Associate degree programs are delivered 100% online through our exceptional Learning Management System.

Digital Filmmaking – online

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Our students learn the entire scope of production. Our program prepares you to have the aesthetic values, critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills needed to help you pursue a long and productive career in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Business – Online

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Entertainment business professionals are the driving force behind the success of every movie, concert, album, sports team and performer. With our online program you’ll learn how to develop the creative ideas needed to launch and promote entertainment brands.

Graphic Design – Online

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Our program prepares you to become a visual innovator. Learn how to conceptualize ideas, create compelling visuals and convey messages through photography, motion graphics, print, web and experience design.

music production – online

Bachelor and Associate of Science Degree Program

Learn what it takes to transform a song from a concept to a well-produced and successful recording. Our online program focuses on three areas of study: composition, production and the business side of managing music.

Animation – Online

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Build new worlds with the skills you’ll learn from our online computer animation program. You’ll develop your individual artistic style while learning the same software and techniques the professionals use to create graphics for film, TV, games and more.

Writing for Film and TV

Writing for Film & TV – Online

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

Write the stories you want to watch. Learn how to become a compelling storyteller by studying the art of screenwriting. You’ll use different creative writing techniques to develop characters and create storylines that will captivate audiences. Are you ready to connect and share your stories with the world around you?

Media Communications Online

Media Communications – Online

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

As a communications specialist in the digital world, you must know how to leverage the media. Learn to create share-worthy digital content that not only gets your message across but makes an impact.