Announcing the 5th Annual Spotlight Awards

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The Los Angeles Film School will host its 5th annual Spotlight Awards ceremony celebrating the new Spotlight Academy Class of 2024 members. This year’s Spotlight Awards will be an in-person celebration, as well as on a live stream, at Ivar Theatre in Hollywood, Calif., on September 12. Stay tuned for updates on special guest appearances from entertainment industry leaders and exclusive chats with the inductees during the show. 

Alumni Highlights: L.A. Film School Graduates Shine Across the Industry this June

In June, graduates of The Los Angeles Film School continued to pursue diverse career paths across the entertainment industry, contributing to iconic movie franchises, a prestigious television series, and one of this year's most anticipated…

L.A. Film School Alumni Are Doing Big Things this May

May has been a month of incredible achievements for our talented L.A. Film School alumni! From major award wins to blockbuster films and iconic albums, our alums are making their mark on the entertainment industry in a big way. Dive into this month's alumni highlights and see the incredible projects they've been a part of.

Alumni Profile: Kayla ShaDay – Making Waves in the Entertainment Industry

Kayla ShaDay defies categorization. A 2020 alum of The Los Angeles Film School’s Entertainment Business program, Kayla’s career path winds through film, music, and photography—a testament to her boundless creativity.

Beyond the Myth of Overnight Success: A Filmmaker’s Guide to Embracing the Journey

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood can make it seem like success in the film industry happens overnight. A single viral video, a breakout performance, and suddenly, an unknown becomes a star. But for aspiring filmmakers, this narrative can be incredibly discouraging. The truth is, there's almost always a long and winding road behind a seemingly “meteoric rise.”

The World of Film Production: How to Make a Movie

Ever wondered how to make a movie?  We’re here to tell you—there’s never been a better time to put your aspirations into action.  With new trends, strategies and technologies bursting onto the scene at an exciting pace, indie filmmakers are at long last proving one thing:  You no longer need a blockbuster budget to make a hit movie.
From Script to Screen

Scriptwriting Success: The Art of Writing for the Silver Screen

Scriptwriting is a craft. And during the early stages of mastering any craft, you need to soak up as much information as you can. Understanding the journey from script to screen and how scriptwriting fits into the entertainment industry is not just fascinating—it’s essential.
Woman Looking through Camera over Hollywood

Variety Magazine Highlights The Los Angeles Film School In Its 2024 Education Impact Report & Top Film Schools List for the 10th Year in a Row

The L.A. Film School recognized for 10th year in a row by Variety Magazine Variety Magazine ranked The Los Angeles Film School as one of the top film schools in the U.S., as a part of its 2024 Entertainment Education Impact Report. This…

FAFSA Fears? We’re Here to Help!

A Guide to the 24/25 Issues Hey there, future students! Filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can be stressful enough, but this year, some of you might be facing extra hurdles. Let's talk about the reported glitches…