The Thing Practical Effects
20 Oct 2020

Best Practical Effects in Horror Movies

CGI was not always what it is today. Through the years, its progression and advancements has been fast-moving, making a film that included CGI look dated a handful of years later. To lengthen the life of their films, many directors opted for practical effects vs CGI, leaning on the inventiveness

Get Out Costume Design
13 Oct 2020

Subtle Ways to Boost Terror in Your Horror Film

Production Design Hacks to Heighten the Horror Much of what makes a good horror film, well, a good horror film relies on aspects outside of the horror story itself. Overwhelming your audience’s senses is key to nailing down an artistic and terrifying film. Whether it be a suggestive set, an

LAFS film student
28 Sep 2020

Free (or nearly free) production resources for film students

Small Production Budget? Here are Creative Ways to Stay Within Budget. Let’s face it. Filmmaking can be expensive, and sticking to a slim budget can be hard. But, it can be done. There are a lot of resources available specifically to help film students and filmmakers on a budget—you just

Vampires Vs the Bronx
22 Sep 2020

7 New Releases We’ll Be Streaming This Fall

It’s Officially Fall! Here’s What’s New and Good in Streaming Looking for some new streaming content for the upcoming season? From new seasons of your favorite shows to remakes and reboots of classics, there’s quite a bit of fresh streaming goodness coming your way. Check out a few of the

LA Film School film set
16 Sep 2020

How Hollywood is Bouncing Back

The Film Industry Gets Back to Work We could all use some good news, right? These days, the current climate makes good news hard to find. But it’s out there – we know it is. In the entertainment industry, the good news orbits a single theme – opportunity. It’s odd

Work From Home Setup
14 Sep 2020

What it’s like to WFH as an Editor

Commerical and TV Show Editor Tia Hoover Shares What It’s Like Working From Home. Even with the pandemic turning our lives upside down, post-production work is still happening in Hollywood. While many films have been postponed, the entertainment industry is doing its best to continue providing us with an escape

Issa Rae Seen & Heard
10 Sep 2020

Seen & Heard Documentary Looks at The History of Black Television

Issa Rae’s new Seen & Heard HBO doc premieres this Fall HBO is producing a new two-part series on the history of Black television. On August 5, HBO announced that they are teaming up with Issa Rae, the star and co-creator of Insecure, a television series nominated for eight Emmy

LA Film School Media Communications
08 Sep 2020

How To Build a Better Brand in 2020 (and Beyond)

Start Your Journey in Entertainment. Earn Your Media Communications Degree. Great news! We are developing even more ways to support students and prepare them for the entertainment industry. Starting this month, The Los Angeles Film School launched a new program for students interested in all things digital media. Our Media Communications

FAME Week 2020
04 Sep 2020

The Best of FAME Week 2020

Highlights From Our Virtual FAME Week at The L.A. Film School We flipped the script on our annual FAME Week this year. Instead of hosting events in-person, The Los Angeles Film School held its FAME Week festival and Spotlight Awards entirely online. There was no shortage of fun with this