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The 5 Stages of Indie Film Production

From Script to Screen: The 5 stages of indie film production

You want to set your first film in motion.  You’ve got tons of creative ideas and you can’t wait to see your vision come to life on-screen.  But first, you’ve got a journey ahead, one filled with challenges, triumphs and endless possibilities. 

Audio Production v Music Production: Which one is right for you?

You’ve got big decisions to make. It’s nearly time to take the next step into your future and start thinking about carving out your career. But that isn’t always simple. Especially if you’re not entirely sure of the best route to take. The thing is, you know you want a career where you can immerse yourself in sound. That much is clear. Which makes studying either audio production or music production a no-brainer. But which one to choose? That is the burning question.

How to fund your next film (top tip—it’s all in the research)

It’s showtime. You’re ready to make a movie.  You’ve not only bagged the ideal location, but your script is awesome. And you’ve got an eager and talented crew waiting to join the action.  But before production can…

6 Production-Friendly States to Start Your Film Industry Job Search

Looking to land your first job in the film industry? Read our blog post for the best states to start your search. Time to get inspired.

Spotlight Week Event Schedule

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Get ready to join our biggest event of the year! Spotlight Week is an interactive celebration that brings students and alumni together for a week-long event series that begins Monday, June 26.
Montauk Stranger Things

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Film/TV Pitch Deck

We’ve sourced everything you need to know about creating a pitch deck for your next film project. There is a lot of great information out there and luckily, pitching your script is easier now thanks to the abundance of updated visualization technology. After all, your pitch deck is a visual supplement to your screenplay or script. This is your chance to share your vision of why your film should get made.
L.A. Film School Graphic Design Program

Five Graphic Design Students Win ADDYs at the 2023 LA Competition

The American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) are the Super Bowl of the advertising field. Every year, it draws 35,000 entries to local competitions across the U.S. We are pleased to announce that five Graphic Design Online students placed in the Los Angeles American Advertising Awards competition for 2023. These students can move up to regional and national American Advertising Federation (AAF) competitions where they can compete against other professionals.
Tammy Elliott

Want to know the key to making a lasting impact as a leader?

At times, finding harmony between running an organization and truly caring for the individuals that make up the organization, can be a challenge. We need to remind ourselves, as leaders, that there is an ever-present human component to accomplishing our mission. Keep reading a letter on leadership from President Tammy Elliott.
A brief history of MLK day

A Brief History of Martin Luther King Day

Read more about the historical significance of Martin Luther King Day. At The Los Angeles Film School, we observe MLK Day as an official day off for students, staff and faculty. This is your time for reflection and service. If you are able to lend your time to the community, here are ways to devote your day off to service this MLK Day.