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Beyond the Myth of Overnight Success: A Filmmaker’s Guide to Embracing the Journey

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood can make it seem like success in the film industry happens overnight. A single viral video, a breakout performance, and suddenly, an unknown becomes a star. But for aspiring filmmakers, this narrative can be incredibly discouraging. The truth is, there's almost always a long and winding road behind a seemingly “meteoric rise.”

The World of Film Production: How to Make a Movie

Ever wondered how to make a movie?  We’re here to tell you—there’s never been a better time to put your aspirations into action.  With new trends, strategies and technologies bursting onto the scene at an exciting pace, indie filmmakers are at long last proving one thing:  You no longer need a blockbuster budget to make a hit movie.
From Script to Screen

Scriptwriting Success: The Art of Writing for the Silver Screen

Scriptwriting is a craft. And during the early stages of mastering any craft, you need to soak up as much information as you can. Understanding the journey from script to screen and how scriptwriting fits into the entertainment industry is not just fascinating—it’s essential.

FAFSA Fears? We’re Here to Help!

A Guide to the 24/25 Issues Hey there, future students! Filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can be stressful enough, but this year, some of you might be facing extra hurdles. Let's talk about the reported glitches…
Biz of Entertainment Pt 2

Behind the Curtain: The Business of Entertainment

Talent management, finance, legal, marketing—not to mention the talent behind the scenes of the music business—are just some of the cogs behind the silver screen that keep the machine turning, translating ideas into projects from development to production and distribution.
Hollywood Sign

Anatomy of the Entertainment Business

Here’s a question for you.
What top three job roles spring to mind when you hear the words ‘entertainment industry’?
Let’s take a guess at what made your final cut. Music producer? Film director? Or maybe a world-famous Hollywood actor/ress made it into the mix.
Sure, these are all popular roles. But the truth is the entertainment industry is huge, much larger than you might think.
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What To Do When Traditional Film Distribution Isn’t Feasible

There it is again—that sharp sting of rejection.  The making of your film is done and dusted—a momentous achievement! But when it comes to distributing your film, you’re hitting a dead end.  Yet another major distributor’s door has been closed to you—a stark reminder of how fiercely competitive and frustrating film distribution can be.
Streamline Your Logic Session

How To Streamline Your Logic Pro X Session Like a Pro

The time to hit the studio has arrived.  You’re ready to finally bring all of your musical ideas together into one big, banging production.  You’ve got instruments to lay down. EQ to play about with. Not to mention a whole world of plug-ins at your fingertips.  But amidst the excitement, your session can often run away with you—and all organization quickly goes out of the window.  Which can be problematic.
The 5 Stages of Indie Film Production

From Script to Screen: The 5 stages of indie film production

You want to set your first film in motion.  You’ve got tons of creative ideas and you can’t wait to see your vision come to life on-screen.  But first, you’ve got a journey ahead, one filled with challenges, triumphs and endless possibilities.