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Soul Food Dinner scene

Important Food Scenes in Black Cinema

Whether we realize it or not, the food showcased in films gives important context to the characters and story. It helps ground the characters in reality. It helps to enhance the story's narrative. And it gives movie-goers a chance to see delicious foods from other cultures. Here are the different ways food appears in Black cinema and how it enhances the story by directly and indirectly speaking to the audience. Read our full movie list.
Film Student

7 Signs You Might be a Film Student

Living and working in a film-school bubble means you pick up quirks that sometimes confuse and/or delight your non-industry friends and family. We made a list of film student quirks that tell everyone you’re a film student without telling them you’re a film student. This list could go on forever, but here are the top 7 telltale signs you are a film student.
Crimp Camp

Promoting Disability Equality in Film

As a film school, we encourage film students to write and create stories that galvanize their audiences and create opportunities for greater equality in the film and entertainment industry. Film students and filmmakers today can help change the popular misconceptions of people with disabilities by creating more films about the lives of marginalized people. Harmful stereotypes about the disabled have been perpetuated throughout media for years. In order to start sharing more accurate portrayals of what it’s like to live with a disability, equal representation in film is vital.
Once Upon a time in hollywood blog

6 Films with Theatrical Cuts vs. Directors' Cuts

We’ve put together a list of some of the best directors’ cuts and deleted scenes, some no one wanted, others that are more famous than the original, and some that have never seen the light of day.
Aaron Sorkin

Hear from Chloé Zhao, Aaron Sorkin, Darius Marder and 11 Other Oscar-nominated Screenwriters

The 14 screenwriters represent eight of the 10 Oscar-nominated screenplays for the 93rd Academy Awards. You may recognize some or even all the screenwriters including Will Berson, Ramin Bahrani, Peter Baynham, Jena Friedman, Christopher Hampton, Ant Hines, Kenneth Lucas, Keith Lucas, Darius Marder, Abraham Marder, Kemp Powers, Aaron Sorkin, Chloé Zhao and Florian Zeller.
GOT costume design

A Breakdown of Award-worthy Costume Design

In honor of the 93rd Academy Awards, LAFS covers the best costume design in film and TV. Costume design can be harnessed as a powerful and multifaceted tool in film, hinting at a character’s secret depths, true feelings and motivations, bringing a whole new dimension to character development.

A Brief History of K-pop

We take you through the history of K-pop, one of the world's most talked-about music genres of the 21st century. Discover how K-pop groups like BTS, EXO, Seventeen and BLACKPINK became successful here in America and abroad.
L.A. Film School Hollywood

Things to do in Hollywood as a Student

Hollywood has hundreds of events for film industry fans to attend on any given day. Whether it's a movie premiere at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome or a drive-in movie experience, Hollywood offers some of the best events in entertainment. Find out some of the best spots to enjoy the full entertainment and film industry experience as a student.
LA Skyline

Located in the Heart of the Music Industry

The Los Angeles Film School and The L.A. Recording School (a division of L.A. Film) are smack in the middle of what is arguably one of the most famous cities in the world. Even our online students experience the Hollywood connection through our faculty, virtual industry events and networking opportunities. There is an abundance of music and entertainment history here, and we continue to thrive off the entertainment industry as a way of life.