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L.A. Film School Hollywood sign

101 Things To Do Around The L.A. Film School Campus

Want to know the best things to do and see in Los Angeles? Our list of 101 things to do in L.A. will help you discover the amazing sights and sounds of the Entertainment Capital of the World. Read more.
Subgenres of horror

Subgenres of Horror Films Explained

Horror is one of the most entertaining and studied genres in filmmaking. It's an opportunity for creatives to experiment with effects and revive folklore storytelling devices. Filmmakers use many methods of manipulation to heighten horror and make the viewer fear whatever is coming next. We breakdown 10 horror film subgenres on the blog.
Halloween movies

32 Halloween Horror Movies + A Film Bracket Download

It’s our favorite time of the year. The month of October calls for pumpkin carving contests, Halloween costumes, and of course, scary movie binges. What would Halloween be without watching a good slasher film? Here are 32 horror films you should watch this Halloween.
Cristina Gallego

Influential Latin Filmmakers To Know

As the Hispanic filmmaking community continues to grow, our hope is to keep adding to this list of notable Latin filmmakers. By no means is this an exhaustive attempt at showcasing all of the talented filmmakers that represent the Latin community in entertainment. We want to recognize those filmmakers who are paving the way for others to feel confident in their own abilities to make movies about their life's story and reshape the cinematic experience.
Spotlight Awards Hollywood Sign

The Best of FAME Week 2021

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The 3rd Annual FAME Week celebration and Spotlight Awards were a huge success! The annual event showcased some of the biggest names in the entertainment and tech space. Google, Facebook, Roland, and many other companies joined The L.A. Film School during FAME Week to host live gear demos, virtual panels and giveaways. Read the full FAME Week recap.
Soul Food Dinner scene

Important Food Scenes in Black Cinema

Whether we realize it or not, the food showcased in films gives important context to the characters and story. It helps ground the characters in reality. It helps to enhance the story's narrative. And it gives movie-goers a chance to see delicious foods from other cultures. Here are the different ways food appears in Black cinema and how it enhances the story by directly and indirectly speaking to the audience. Read our full movie list.
Film Student

7 Signs You Might be a Film Student

Living and working in a film-school bubble means you pick up quirks that sometimes confuse and/or delight your non-industry friends and family. We made a list of film student quirks that tell everyone you’re a film student without telling them you’re a film student. This list could go on forever, but here are the top 7 telltale signs you are a film student.
Crimp Camp

Promoting Disability Equality in Film

As a film school, we encourage film students to write and create stories that galvanize their audiences and create opportunities for greater equality in the film and entertainment industry. Film students and filmmakers today can help change the popular misconceptions of people with disabilities by creating more films about the lives of marginalized people. Harmful stereotypes about the disabled have been perpetuated throughout media for years. In order to start sharing more accurate portrayals of what it’s like to live with a disability, equal representation in film is vital.
Once Upon a time in hollywood blog

6 Films with Theatrical Cuts vs. Directors’ Cuts

We’ve put together a list of some of the best directors’ cuts and deleted scenes, some no one wanted, others that are more famous than the original, and some that have never seen the light of day.