Ed Rakochy
14 Apr 2020

An Inside Look at a Cinematographer’s Job

What Does a Cinematographer Do? When it comes to movies, visual storytelling is the most important part. Why do people go to movies anyway? Essentially, we go to see and hear something beautiful. Without cinematographers, there is no movie. We sat down with film instructor Ed Rakochy to get an

L.A. Film School
07 Apr 2020

Advantages of Going to Film School

Is Film School Worth It? We think so. Many students pursuing careers in the film industry are faced with the decision to attend film school or go the no film school path. If you are someone who believes in the value of a bachelor’s or associates degree, then going to

06 Apr 2020

Game Releases: Week of April 10

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF GAME RELEASES FOR THE WEEK OF April 10, 2020! From Below to Final Fantasy Remake, here is our schedule of the games coming out soon! Game Releases Below (PlayStation 4) – April 7 Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories (PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4, Switch, PC) –

COVID-19 Community Support
01 Apr 2020

Community Support Resources During COVID-19

Helpful Resources in a Time of Need We wanted to share some support resources with our Film School family. This is a difficult time for so many people and industries. A little help goes a long way, and we are here to share support during this pandemic. We hope you

Emily Durkin
01 Apr 2020

Emily Durkin is a Filmmaking Powerhouse

To conclude our celebration of Women’s History Month, we shine the spotlight on Emily Durkin—L.A. Film staff member Emily was born in Waco, Texas and raised in Eudora, Kansas. After moving back to Waco, she graduated from Baylor University and moved to Los Angeles. She started working at The Los

Best Films of All Time
24 Mar 2020

Stuck Inside? Watch These Classic Films!

Joe Byron Sent Us His Favorite Movies and We’re Sharing Them with You For those of you who don’t know Joe Byron, he is the alumni relations director at The L.A. Film School. As an avid cinephile, we trust Joe’s opinion when it comes to all things film. He grew

11 Mar 2020

Film & Game Releases: Week of March 13

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF MOVIE & GAME RELEASES FOR THE WEEK OF March 13, 2020! From Bloodshot to Call of Duty: Warzone, here is our schedule of the films coming out soon! Film Releases Bloodshot Synopsis from The Numbers: Ray Garrison is a soldier recently killed in action and

movie terminology
10 Mar 2020

Movie Terminology Our Instagram Followers Are Curious About

Industry Insider: Movie Terminology Movie terminology is inside baseball for most filmmakers and crews. As a film student, you should know basic movie terms even if they aren’t widely used on set. When we asked our L.A. Film School Instagram followers what movie terminology they were most curious about, here’s

03 Mar 2020

Film & Game Releases: Week of March 6

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF MOVIE & GAME RELEASES FOR THE WEEK OF March 6, 2020! From Onward to The Way Back, here is our schedule of the films coming out soon! Film Releases Onward Synopsis from The Numbers: Set in a suburban fantasy world, Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” introduces