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Tammy Elliott

Want to know the key to making a lasting impact as a leader?

At times, finding harmony between running an organization and truly caring for the individuals that make up the organization, can be a challenge. We need to remind ourselves, as leaders, that there is an ever-present human component to accomplishing our mission. Keep reading a letter on leadership from President Tammy Elliott.
A brief history of MLK day

A Brief History of Martin Luther King Day

Read more about the historical significance of Martin Luther King Day. At The Los Angeles Film School, we observe MLK Day as an official day off for students, staff and faculty. This is your time for reflection and service. If you are able to lend your time to the community, here are ways to devote your day off to service this MLK Day.
The L.A. Film School

Top Entertainment Moments of 2022 at The L.A. Film School

As we look forward to the New Year, we reflect on the many milestones we’ve met with the return to in-person instruction. Our students' resiliency and dedication to their education didn't waiver as we transitioned back to campus instruction. The school hallways felt more vibrant and full in 2022 as students continued their studies in an in-person setting among their peers and instructors. Read more.
Best Gifts for Music Production

Music Production Gifts Under $200

As a film and music college, we know a thing or two about the best gear and software for students. Around the holidays, we like to refresh our top music gear picks for students or anyone who is interested in Music Production. If you are investing in new gear or software this New Year, here is our list of top items you should have in your shopping cart. Read more.
Best gifts for film students

Best Gifts for Film Students According to a Film Graduate

When film graduate Marc Peoples released his gift guide "The Most Gifty Time of The Year (Christmas Gifts for The Whole Family)," we knew he was the perfect person to reach out to for our own film student gift guide. As a former film student himself, Marc Peoples graduated Cum Laude in Film and now works as an executive assistant and writer for Harlem World Magazine. This list is curated for the film enthusiast who you know and love. These are items priced under $100 and have the film student seal of approval. Keep reading.
Best Books on Film

Best Books Written by Filmmakers That You Should Own

Are you a film student looking to expand your film book collection? You’ve come to the right corner of the internet for all your movie and entertainment needs. We’ve curated a list of books written by filmmakers with years of experience and wisdom that will guide anyone who is curious about the craft. Even if you’ve stumbled upon our post and aren’t a film student, this list includes our favorite books that any moviegoer can enjoy.
L.A. Film School Annual Salute

13th Annual Salute LIVE from Hollywood

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This Veterans Day, we salute our more than 1,200 active military students and alumni who are pursuing their dreams in a variety of film, entertainment and music careers. We honor our veterans and military service members by hosting a Salute to Veterans in Entertainment event, which brings together our military community under one roof. This is the 13th year that we’ve held our Annual Salute celebration. Keep reading to see more from the special celebration.
Dead Alive

Famous Directors Who Got Started in Horror

Horror is a unique genre in filmmaking that lends itself to unabashed creativity that isn’t seen in many other genres. It acts as a kind of test lab for filmmakers to experiment with technology, story ideation and practical effects. Many of the famous directors you are familiar with today got their start in horror filmmaking, including Peter Jackson and Sam Rami. Keep reading to find out about five famous filmmakers who got their start with horror movies.
Writer's Block Meme

Helpful Tips to Kick Writer’s Block

Writing is also a skill that constantly needs your attention and time. Good writers foster careful observations and compassion for the people and places they encounter on a daily basis. Anything can be interesting if you take the time to pay close attention to your surroundings and jot down what you see. This will help you build more interesting characters and memorable story plots over time. Keep reading for more tips on kicking writer's block.