Sonic The Hedgehog
11 Feb 2020

Film & Game Releases: Week of February 14

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF MOVIE & GAME RELEASES FOR THE WEEK OF February 14, 2020! From Sonic The Hedgehog to Dreams, here is our schedule of the films coming out soon! Film Releases Downhill Synopsis from The Numbers: Barely escaping an avalanche during a ski vacation in the Alps

07 Jan 2020

Film Release Schedule – Week of January 10

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF MOVIE RELEASES FOR THE WEEK OF January 10, 2020! From 1917 to Like a Boss, here is our schedule of the films coming out soon! Like a Boss Synopsis from The Numbers: Two best friends are living their best lives running their own cosmetics company

LAFS 20th Anniversary
26 Dec 2019

What a Wonderful Year It’s Been!

Top Moments of our 20th Anniversary! This year came and went in a flash. Twenty-nineteen felt especially memorable as we celebrated 20 years in entertainment education. From high-ranking accolades to honoring our alumni at the Spotlight Awards, and the small moments in between, it’s been a tremendous year of growth

18 Dec 2019

Film & Game Releases: Week of December 20

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF MOVIE & GAME RELEASES FOR THE WEEK OF December 20, 2019! From Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to Bombshell, here is a schedule of the films coming out soon! Cats Synopsis from The Numbers: Over the course of a single night, a tribe of

16 Oct 2019

Practical Effects vs. CGI

Here are a few things to keep in mind as a VFX artist While practical effects and CGI both have clear benefits and shortcomings, the technique you choose for your artistic expression will likely vary from project to project based on factors we discuss below. The production of Jurassic Park

01 Oct 2019

Who is The Most Convincing CG Character Ever?

Is it Alita Battle Angel, Caesar from Planet of the Apes, Thanos or someone else? If you had to choose the most realistic CG character of all time, who would it be? We asked our Twitter followers the same question and there was an overwhelming response. Most of the replies

09 Sep 2019

The Age of Audio: Best Podcasts

Here are the best entertainment podcasts according to our Instagram followers A few months back, we conducted an Instagram poll asking our followers to share their favorite film and entertainment podcasts. We received a ton of great podcast recommendations! Below are the top five podcasts recs that our Instagram followers

15 Jul 2019

The Phantom Of The Opera’s Surprise Invitation

The Los Angeles Film School has it’s Very Own Phantom of the Opera at Ivar Theatre Derrick Davis, current star of The Phantom of The Opera North American tour, surprised LARS audio instructor Derek Olds with a special message and invitation. Derrick sent this video message before his performance at

10 Apr 2019

Both Coachella and The Los Angeles Film School Turn 20 in 2019

Can You Guess Our Top 20 Moments of Coachella? Let’s take it back allllll the way to the year 1993. Jurassic Park graced the silver screen that summer. Bill Clinton became president. Pearl Jam performed at the Empire Polo Club—while boycotting Ticketmaster for its service fees. Six years after Pearl