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Dead Alive

Famous Directors Who Got Started in Horror

Horror is a unique genre in filmmaking that lends itself to unabashed creativity that isn’t seen in many other genres. It acts as a kind of test lab for filmmakers to experiment with technology, story ideation and practical effects. Many of the famous directors you are familiar with today got their start in horror filmmaking, including Peter Jackson and Sam Rami. Keep reading to find out about five famous filmmakers who got their start with horror movies.
Writer's Block Meme

Helpful Tips to Kick Writer’s Block

Writing is also a skill that constantly needs your attention and time. Good writers foster careful observations and compassion for the people and places they encounter on a daily basis. Anything can be interesting if you take the time to pay close attention to your surroundings and jot down what you see. This will help you build more interesting characters and memorable story plots over time. Keep reading for more tips on kicking writer's block.
L.A. Film School Student life

Thinking About a Business Degree? Try an Entertainment Business Degree…

You’ve probably heard a lot about how the digital world has changed the entertainment industry—from digital film to streaming, to sound and recording, and especially CGI and VFX. Yes, the change in the creative side of entertainment has been huge. But what about the business side? Read more.
film reel tips

Want to Make the Best Film Reel for Your Portfolio?

As a film student, you will start building a portfolio of work while in school to showcase your talents. A strong film reel is an important component of landing future jobs. To help you make the best film reel to show off your work, we asked our film career advisors for help. Charlotte Grady from our Career Development department shared 5 tips that will help get you started with creating your first film reel. Read more.
Academy Gold

The Academy Gold Internship Program With L.A. Film School

led to more than 40 students and graduates participating in the summer internship program over the past 6 years. Read more.
Emmy Awards

Honoring the Largest Class of Alumni for Their Work on Emmy-Nominated Productions

We are proud to announce our alumni's contributions to this year's Emmy-nominated productions. This is the largest group of alumni to represent TV productions across networks including last year's breakout hit The White Lotus and this year's thrilling fourth season of Stranger Things. Four alumni were personally nominated for outstanding cinematography, picture editing and production design, and will be competing for individual awards. Read more.
L.A. Film School Student

What are Binaural Beats and How Can They Help You Focus?

Studies show that binaural beats increase a person’s working memory by helping the brain organize and retain information that is stored throughout the day for successful reasoning, comprehension and goal-directed behavior. It can help with relieving anxiety and enhancing cognitive focus and creativity. Read more about binaural beats.
Unreal Engine 5

Can’t-Miss Features in Unreal Engine 5

If you’ve been hanging out in gaming and animation circles on the internet, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about a tool that’s making big waves in the gaming world: Unreal Engine 5. Here are three of the game-changing features that are helping UE5 set a new standard for the future of entertainment.

In Honor of Juneteenth

Here are 20 Social Justice-Centered Films to Watch Now Juneteenth marks a date of major significance in American history. Why is Juneteenth so important? Juneteenth refers to the emancipation day celebrated by African Americans in the…