Get insight into the Entertainment Industry from Los Angeles Film School and LA Recording School Alumni and learn about their latest projects.

The Best of Spotlight Week 2023

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The 4th Annual Spotlight Week celebration and Spotlight Awards were a huge success! The annual event showcased some of the biggest names in the entertainment and tech space.

Meet Jeff Barnes, President of Record Plant Studios

As a SoCal native, Jeff Barnes has been in and around the entertainment industry for most of his life. Jeff’s music business career took off once he landed an internship at Record Plant Studios in Hollywood. Unbeknownst to Jeff at the time, Record Plant would become a foundational job path and lead him to spend most of his career with the studio as President. Read more.

Meet Paquita Hughes, Independent Producer and Locations Manager

Paquita Hughes discovered her talents for producing and landed on the sets of major productions including HBO’s Perry Mason, Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere and Peacock’s Bel-Air. Paquita is a location scout/manager and resides in Los Angeles with her daughter. In 2023, The L.A. Film School nominated Paquita for the Spotlight Academy where she will be inducted on June 29, 2023, in a live ceremony at Ivar Theatre.

Meet Phillip Bladh, Oscar-Winning Production Sound Mixer

Phillip Bladh is among a small subset of people who can say they’ve personally won an Oscar. The number of Oscar winners is under 5,000 as of today. As our first known Oscar-winning alumni, we are proud to induct Phillip into our Spotlight Academy Class of 2023.

Meet Samantha Wilkins, Art Outsource Supervisor at Riot Games

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Samantha Wilkins currently works at Riot Games in Los Angeles. Her responsibilities and talent transitioned seamlessly from VFX to video games as she joined Riot Games as an Art Outsource Supervisor for VALORANT, the now top trending FPS tactical hero shooter game. In 2023, The L.A. Film School nominated Samantha for the Spotlight Academy where she will be inducted on June 29, 2023, in a live ceremony at Ivar Theatre.

Get Ready for The Spotlight Awards 2023

The Los Angeles Film School will host its 4th annual Spotlight Awards ceremony honoring the new members of the Spotlight Academy Class of 2023. This year’s award show will be a LIVE, in-person celebration at Ivar Theatre in Hollywood, California. Stay tuned for updates on special guest appearances from entertainment industry leaders and exclusive chats with the inductees during the show. 
A Thousand and One movie

Interview with Film Editor and Alum Jim Carretta

Jim Carretta is a 2006 film alumnus who works in Los Angeles as a film editor. He's earned credits on major blockbuster movies including Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Deadpool, Pitch Perfect 2 & 3, and The Good Place. His most recent project, A Thousand and One, won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and opens in theaters Friday, March 31, 2023. We caught up with Jim to chat about his work as a film editor and gain insight into the world of movie editing.
Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Behind the Scenes of Shazam! Fury of the Gods–Sound Effects

We interviewed alum Matt Cavanaugh at his home studio in Burbank, CA, and talked about all things sound effects for the new Shazam sequel. Matt was part of the team of sound effects editors who worked on the creature sounds and action sequences for Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Check out our interview and follow along as Matt shares a behind-the-scenes look into what it was like working as a sound effects editor on Shazam! Fury of the Gods movie.
Kylie Hazzard

Film Alum Kylie Hazzard on Her Music, Film and Photography Career

L.A. Film School alum Kylie Hazzard has a creative edge that most people only dream of discovering within themselves. A triple threat with music, film and photography, Hazzard stays busy creating all sorts of interesting side projects in her home studio in Los Angeles. We're excited to catch back up with Hazzard about working for FOX Sports Super Bowl coverage and the other creative projects she has in the works.