Get insight into the Entertainment Industry from Los Angeles Film School and LA Recording School Alumni and learn about their latest projects.

Latin Grammys 2021

Latin GRAMMY Nominations Showcase the Best in Latin Music

Congratulations to our alumni from The L.A. Recording School, a division of The L.A. Film School, who contributed to this year's GRAMMY-nominated albums. Find out more.
Jeff Barnes Record Plant

President of Record Plant Visits L.A. Recording School

, Jeff Barnes, President of Record Plant Studios, Speaks to Students Our 2008 Recording Arts alum Jeff Barnes is the president of Record Plant, a go-to recording studio for top recording artists in Los Angeles.…
Production Design at LAFS

Everything You Want to Know About Production Design

The role of the production designer can be summed up as the creative arm of the film director. It’s the production designer’s job to interpret and create a director’s vision for the script. The involvement of the production designer starts when they read the script with the director and sketch ideas for the style and location. They then meet with the director and discuss the best way to shoot the film. Find out everything you need to know about what a production designer does on set.
FAME Week 2021

Ready for the Biggest Event of the Year?

Get ready to join our biggest event of the year! FAME Week is a virtual festival celebrating our academic legacy and alumni community. This year, we are proud to bring YOU a ton of amazing event panels and workshops with industry leaders from Sony, Google, Record Plant and MORE. Be sure to check out all our full event calendar so you don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with fellow alumni and students!
Alex Ferrufino

Meet Up-and-Coming Film Director Alex Ferrufino

Before attending The Los Angeles Film School, Alex Ferrufino PA'd on various productions around Los Angeles. Each PA job he got led to another and soon Alex had enough experience under his belt to find bigger jobs while attending film school. His breakout project, Slipping Into Darkness, gained the attention of HBO Latino and won the 2019 Latinx Competition. Find out more about Alex Ferrufino.

Our Alumni Contribute to Emmy-Nominated Productions

We are proud to recognize the talented alumni who worked on Emmy-nominated productions for the 73rd Annual Primetime Emmys. More than 25 alumni from different degree programs contributed their talents to productions including The Mandalorian, WandaVision and Pen15. Alum Josh Gitersonke (Film 2007) was personally nominated for Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program for his work as Director of Photography on The Amazing Race. This is Josh Gitersonke's eighth Emmy nomination. He previously won an Emmy for his camera work on the Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special.
Daniel Zaidenstadt record producer

Daniel Zaidenstadt is a Master of Music

Growing up in Tel Aviv, Daniel Zaidenstadt wasn't exposed to American music genres like rap and hip hop until he made the trek to the United States. While studying music at The L.A. Recording School, Daniel collaborated with students from other programs and got to experience popular American music firsthand. After graduating, he worked as an assistant in recording studios around Hollywood. This was an early turning point in Daniel's music career. Find out more about Daniel Zaidenstadt's career as a record producer and engineer.
Kevin Atkinson

Meet the DP Behind Detroiters, Alone Together and Bless This Mess

As a student from the inaugural class at L.A. Film School, Kevin Atkinson worked with his classmates to create short films and learned how to operate film cameras. He fell in love with filmmaking. Soon after graduation Kevin found his niche in comedy sketches at Funny or Die with fellow alumni Oz Rodriguez, Matt Villines and Matt Mazany. Each job he landed led to slightly bigger jobs in the industry. Find out more about Kevin's journey as a cinematographer.
Dialogue Editor Angelina Faulkner

Meet the Emmy-Nominated Dialogue Editor Behind What We Do in the Shadows

As a two-time Emmy-nominated dialogue editor, Angelina Faulkner keeps adding more impressive show credits to her filmography. She's worked on movie trailers and popular TV shows, including the Jurassic World trailer and the Emmy-nominated FX series What We Do in the Shadows. Find out Angelina's journey to the Spotlight Academy.