Streamline Your Logic Session

How To Streamline Your Logic Pro X Session Like a Pro

The time to hit the studio has arrived.  You’re ready to finally bring all of your musical ideas together into one big, banging production.  You’ve got instruments to lay down. EQ to play about with. Not to mention a whole world of plug-ins at your fingertips.  But amidst the excitement, your session can often run away with you—and all organization quickly goes out of the window.  Which can be problematic.
The Wrap

The Los Angeles Film School Included in The Wrap’s Top 50 Film Schools 2023

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The Wrap magazine ranks The Los Angeles (L.A.) Film School as one of the top film schools in the U.S., as a part of its Top 50 Film Schools for 2023 ranking. Released annually, this list is compiled based on data points such as student body demographics, class sizes, networking opportunities, as well as insights from industry experts. This accolade signifies the school's commitment to creating an immersive curriculum that integrates technical knowledge with artistic exploration and creativity, taught by industry-experienced professionals.
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We Made Billboard’s Top Music Business Schools List for 2023

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The Los Angeles Recording School, a division of The L.A. Film School, has been named one of Billboard Magazine’s Top Music Business Schools of 2023.  This list recognizes the range of degrees we offer, our impressive campus facilities as well as our active speaker roster, such as SunPop’s managing partner Will Tenney, who recently visited the campus to speak with students.
The 5 Stages of Indie Film Production

From Script to Screen: The 5 stages of indie film production

You want to set your first film in motion.  You’ve got tons of creative ideas and you can’t wait to see your vision come to life on-screen.  But first, you’ve got a journey ahead, one filled with challenges, triumphs and endless possibilities. 

Audio Production v Music Production: Which one is right for you?

You’ve got big decisions to make. It’s nearly time to take the next step into your future and start thinking about carving out your career. But that isn’t always simple. Especially if you’re not entirely sure of the best route to take. The thing is, you know you want a career where you can immerse yourself in sound. That much is clear. Which makes studying either audio production or music production a no-brainer. But which one to choose? That is the burning question.

Chuck D & Lorrie Boula to Headline 9th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors ‘State of Music in Media’ Conference at the Los Angeles Film School

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Legendary rapper and leader of the hip hop group Public Enemy Chuck D will headline the Guild of Music Supervisors 9TH ANNUAL 'STATE OF MUSIC IN MEDIA' CONFERENCE alongside iconic hip hop artist Salt (Cheryl “Salt” James), of Salt-n-Pepa, as they celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop.

The Los Angeles Film School Makes Filmmaker Magazine’s 2023 Film School Guide

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The Los Angeles (L.A.) Film School was included in FILMMAKER Magazine’s 2023 Film School Guide. Produced annually, the Film School Guide highlights the nation’s top public and private film schools, providing its readers with pertinent information including admissions deadlines, degree programs and notable alumni.

How to fund your next film (top tip—it’s all in the research)

It’s showtime. You’re ready to make a movie.  You’ve not only bagged the ideal location, but your script is awesome. And you’ve got an eager and talented crew waiting to join the action.  But before production can…

The Best of Spotlight Week 2023

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The 4th Annual Spotlight Week celebration and Spotlight Awards were a huge success! The annual event showcased some of the biggest names in the entertainment and tech space.