On Wednesday, August 13, The Los Angeles Film School, in partnership with WWE Studios, presented a screening of Leprechaun: Origins, a horror film directed by Zach Lipovsky. The film centers around students traveling abroad during their summer break. They venture into a village that is occupied by a strange force, and before they know it, are face-to-face with an ancient evil. After the film, WWE Champion Mike “The Miz,” Zach Lipovsky, Hornswoggle, and WWE Studios President Michael Luisi talked about the process of making the film.

we shot the film in 15 days.

Zach Lipovsky discussed how the tight shooting schedule made the process of making the film challenging and fun.

We started with concept art when designing the creature

When designing the creature in the film, Zach was inspired by the creature designs in movies from director Guillermo Del Toro, such as Pan’s Labyrinth. The film’s star, Hornswoggle, reflected on the process of getting into costume for the shoot.

I spent 2 hours in makeup to become the leprechaun,

As the Q&A came to a close, WWE Studios President Michael Luisi imparted some wisdom with the audience.

Believe in yourself and what you’re doing,

Thank you all for coming to the screening, and please stay tuned for news about upcoming events and Q&A’s!

Leprechaun Origins