Livin’ LARS is a premiere event held in our historic Ivar Theatre in the heart of Hollywood, bringing in the talents of students and alumni in a networking environment.

If you are a student or graduate at The Los Angeles Recording School, you owe it to yourself to check out Livin’ LARS. Capturing the spirit and culture of The Los Angeles Recording School, this monthly event series brings together talented students from our Recording Arts and Music Production programs in a live music atmosphere. In addition, the program, led by Rod Michaels, brings in talented alumni for Q&A’s, where they present their beginnings, struggles and successes working in today’s recording industry.

Starting off Livin’ LARS was an explosive freestyle rap battle, giving stage time to student producers trying out new styles of music before a captivated audience. Winners of the Livin’ LARS rap battle received gift bags and more.

Livin' LARS

Freestyle Rap Battle at Livin’ LARS

Following the rap battle, various students performed original music in a variety of genres, accompanied by professional lightshows and choreography. Each talented student performed to an eager crowd, showcasing talents in music composition, vocal delivery and visual impact.

Livin' LARS

Live performances at Livin’ LARS

During Livin’ LARS on Thursday, February 24th, Recording Arts alums Nato Lopez and Samuel Ahana took to the stage. In a Q&A setting, they discussed how they climbed the industry’s slippery ladder, and what led to them working with artists including The Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown and more. In addition, the duo expressed to newcomers that in order to make it happen in the industry, you have to work hard and never give up.

Livin' LARS

Samuel Ahana, Livin’ LARS Alumni Speaker

Livin' LARS

Nato Lopez, Livin’ LARS Alumni Speaker

Following the Q&A, the event continued in the back room, where pizza and drinks were served in a networking environment. Live music was performed by an exceptional band in a venue where Elvis Presley, Tom Waits and The Rolling Stones have performed.