Pain Jam, a live paint event, was a tremendous success

Paint Jam consisted of four of our students (two recent grads and two current students) working on an 8’ foot wide mural while four outside artists worked on a separate 8’ canvas. LAFS artists did an “Alice in Wonderland” themed mural, which was incredibly coherent and organized. Our four artists had never met each other but worked together flawlessly and all had an amazing time. We had a great DJ and about 50 folks hung in and watched over the evening. The event took place in the Brick Box room, which was the perfect venue for the vibe. The evening went so well that it was extended from the ending time from 10PM to 11PM.

Paint Jam was co-sponsored by event planners Radioactive, Career Development and Animation Smash.

LAFS artists were Kristena Huck (student), Keinon Walker (student), Kesha Watson (recent grad) and Caio Slikta (recent grad) all from Animation & Visual FX program.

Check out some images from the fascinating night of art and ingenuity.

Paint Jam

Paint Jam 2

Paint Jam 3

tomb raider
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