TV Producer and Entrepreneur Evelyn Brito Talks to Students

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In conversation with the Los Angeles Film School for Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s an honor to bring you Film Production alumna, Evelyn Brito.

Follow Along Evelyn Brito’s Journey as a Creative Film Producer

As a busy mom of a young daughter and son, Evelyn Brito helps underserved urban communities get access to healthy foods. How does she do it? Brito is the writer and executive producer of Bodega Makeover, a TV series project that helps urban bodegas in Hispanic communities incorporate more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in prime locations throughout the store. Ever since Brito learned about the food deserts in the communities she grew up around, it’s been her mission to advocate for healthier food options. Bodega Makeover is a passion project that incorporates Brito’s love of filmmaking and producing as well as her drive for community service and family connection.

As a first-generation Dominican American, Brito feels a strong connection to her Latin community and continues to give back through her creative talents and heart. Throughout her career, Brito has also managed Color Magazine’s Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference, Men of Color Leadership Conference, and the All-Inclusive Awards. Forbes recently listed Evelyn Brito as one of the Top 50 Latina innovators.