Volvic Juicy is a natural alternative to soft drinks: a flavoured water with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings. However, it’s not just about offering people a healthier option. Volvic Juicy is a delicious, refreshing drink which turns thirst quenching into a truly pleasurable moment in your day.

Leading a happy life is not something that happens to you, but something that you make happen. Having a positive outlook can make any situation fun, enjoyable and rewarding. Volvic Juicy celebrates when ordinary everyday life actions become small victories.

We want you to make three short humorous, smart, snappy films, which celebrate small victories. We’re looking for well-observed, insightful ideas where we celebrate someone turning an everyday situation into a small victory.

For example: Girl walks along crowded train platform. She looks around with the considered judgment of a golfer lining up for a putt and decides to move three paces to the left. The train pulls in and doors open right in front of her. She smiles and pumps her fist in celebration.

Your films should be around 10-15 seconds max. Think Vine and memes where the action is quick to deliver and pay-off. If you’re not grabbing the audience’s attention up front, you’re not getting watched…. 

Read the brief carefully, submit your three film ideas (or more if you have them!) and apply for a grant by 11th February.

For more details, please contact Victoria Davis.


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