A film production comes to life on set. And here at The Los Angeles Film School’s Sunset Soundstage, we’re continually in production. Just about every day of the year, you’ll find students hard at work, lights staged and adjusted, and students hustling to pull their films together on this elaborate, permanent film set.
This 3,000-square-foot soundstage boasts a full interior and partial exterior of a multi-architectural-style bungalow, and uses age-old industry tricks to simulate the surrounding exterior environment: a green screen, 16-by-40-foot hand-painted background of the Malibu coastline, and a back-lit high-resolution photograph imprinted on translucent film, known as a trans-light. A suspended catwalk hangs from the ceiling grid to give maximum lighting flexibility, and students can control lighting configurations with a Strand GSX computerized dimming console that features unlimited pre-programmed settings and cues. The stage is outfitted with Mole Richardson fixtures, which include the impressive Mole Space Lights for daylight reproduction and giant Mole Sky Pans to illuminate the trans-light. There’s even an 18-foot oak tree in the backyard.


The Los Angeles Film School’s Midterm Production Spaces are named in honor of some of the greatest film directors of all time. Charlie Chaplin, Federico Fellini, Alfred Hitchcock, and Buster Keaton have found their places in motion picture history, and by naming these production spaces after them, we encourage our students to remember these masters as they complete their own films.
These four work areas of various sizes are in constant states of production. During a shoot, you might visit the Chaplin production space and find that it’s a newsroom bustling with activity. The next day, the very same space could be set as an alien planet. One of the best things about the Midterm Production Spaces is that they’re always changing. And in this fast-paced industry, these film sets are as real as it gets. Get ready to set up, shoot, tear down, and do it all again the next day.


The sets have been struck, the soundstages swept, and the picture locked, but the work on your film isn’t done yet. You need to make sure your movie sounds as good as it looks, and that’s where The Los Angeles Film School’s Dubbing Stage comes in. Pull up a chair behind the mixing console, queue up your footage on the big screen, and get to work; this is the final stage of post-production. The Dubbing Stage at LAFS is a fully functional movie theater with Digidesign ICON 64-fader D-Control ES running the show. All of the sound, including the actors’ dialogue, sound effects, and original score will need to be mixed into the final cut before it’s ready for an audience.
64-fader ICON D-Control ES
Digidesign Pro Tools HD 3 Accel Digital Audio System
Avid V10 Media Station
Digidesign Sync I/O HD Modules & 192 Digital I/O Modules
Stewart Filmscreen Corp. Video Screen
Lexicon 960L Multichannel Digital Effects System
ION/ATOM Series 8000 Control Module
VIRPAD Motion Controller
3 Terabyte storage system