Event Series Spotlight Week

Gear Expo – Campus Event

Expo giving you an inside look at prominent companies like Sony and RED’s new technologies. Students and Alumni will not only be able to attend technical demos but also will have the chance to win cool prizes!

Event Series Spotlight Week

Google Resume Workshop – Campus Event

A professional and presentable resume makes the difference between a maybe and a hire. Do you need to create a new resume or do you have one that you’d like to clean up? Bring your resume and get ready to make it stand out. Join an expert group of Google executives and team members in this resume building seminar for great ideas to showcase your skill-set and build a creative resume.

Event Series Spotlight Week

PRG: This is the Way: Our Journey Navigating Real-Time Pre-Viz on Set

Join us Tuesday 6/27 at 1:30 pm for a panel with PRG delving into a journey filled with unique challenges and remarkable solutions. We'll take you on an adventure where we blend the magic of live action and CG content, no matter the environment or gear (just like our favorite bounty hunter). Our path involves the seamless integration of camera tracking, Unreal Engine, and cutting-edge servers, all working in harmony. With the skill of a Jedi, we achieve faster and more precise set-ups, as if guided by the Force itself.


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