Corey Drake

Computer Animation, Class of 2010

Corey Drake

This ’10 computer animation alum found his passion for animatronics while visiting Disneyland as a kid. With his heart set on working as an animator for Disney, Corey enrolled in the Animation program at The L.A. Film School. He studied rigging techniques, programming languages like Python, and used the school’s 3D printer to bring his art to life. Years later, Corey fulfilled his dream to be part of the Disney Imagineers and work on projects for Disneyland Theme parks in the U.S. and Tokyo.

“Enjoy the things that you work on from the beginning. Enjoy every job, even the low-paying ones. It’s fun to look back on and see how far you’ve come.”

Corey’s current day job as a technical artist is part visual innovator and part technical programmer. Corey lends his artistry to film productions, video games and even robotics. Throughout his career as an animator, Corey has contributed to film productions and video games such as NBA 2K and Jedi Challenges. In 2021, Corey became a member of The Los Angeles Film School Spotlight Academy.

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Corey Drake is a modern-day puppet master. Spend 10 minutes with Corey and you’ll witness him transform computer animations into tangible 3D models with a few clicks of his mouse. As a technical artist, Corey programs everything from the NBA 2K video game to lifesize animatronics for Disney’s theme parks. He builds both digital and physical elements utilizing 3D printing, mechanical engineering and augmented reality. Find out more about our 2021 Spotlight Award recipient, Corey Drake.