Gage Wayne

Entertainment Business, Class of 2016

Originally from Lebanon, Ohio, Gage graduated from The Los Angeles Film School’s Entertainment Business program to further his choreography career in Hollywood. Gage has loved dance ever since he was a young kid and would perform in front of his family and friends. He knew from an early age, that practicing choreography in L.A. dance studios such as the Millennium Dance Complex would take his dance career center stage.

“If I wouldn’t have gone here, I wouldn’t have learned how to market myself and how to brand myself to all the people that I’ve worked with.”

After graduation, Gage worked on major dance projects with productions like American Horror Story, The Greatest Showman and a commercial for the Radio Disney Music Awards with Sofia Carson. Whether he is on stage or shooting commercials, Gage continues to make his mark in Los Angeles and New York City as an extraordinarily talented dancer, instructor and brand ambassador.

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