Randy Marx

Randy Marx

Alum Class of 2017
The L.A. Recording School

As an Angeleno, Randy Marx is making a name for himself in the music world here in Hollywood. He graduated in 2017 with a degree in Music Production and has since landed a partnership with The Wrecking Spot Music Group and Optimistic Records. Marx has dedicated his music career to perfecting his style and unique voice as he continues to captivate a mainstream audience. Fans can hear his vocals on the newest Street Fighter 6 main theme song “Not on the Sidelines”. This opportunity allowed Randy to work with other artists and collaborate with one of the biggest video game developers, Capcom.

“I cannot stress it enough–get to know your peers, talk to your professors, and find out what you can do to succeed. By the time you graduate from The L.A. Film School, there’s really no excuse not to know everybody in that school.” — Randy Marx

Besides honing his musical talents, Marx has partnered with a fellow music alum to create a professional recording studio for clients. Randy and his partner invested in their own recording equipment after they graduated and built a studio as a home base for their creative projects. Randy’s music is constantly evolving thanks to his continual work with artists such as Chingo Bling, Kurupt, and  All Money In. Visit Randymarx.com to discover more about The L.A. Recording School alumnus Class of 2017.

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Randy Marx

In the Studio with Hip-Hop Artist and Alum Randy Marx

If you aren't familiar with the name Randy Marx, just give it a couple of years before you hear his name in mainstream hip-hop. Randy Marx graduated in 2017 with his degree in Music Production and has built a recording career here in his hometown of Los Angeles. As an artist, Randy exudes a coolness that makes you want to pay attention to what he's creating. You can easily tell that everything he creates is done with heart and a deep passion for music.