’20 Film Alum Works on Marvel’s She-Hulk

She Hulk Marvel Show

Alumnus Marcus Farrell talks about landing his first job out of school working on Marvel Studio’s She-Hulk

It’s been a busy summer for cinematography alum Marcus Farrell who scored his first big project after graduating in September 2020. Marcus works as a visual effects PA for Marvel’s new TV series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The show creators dig deep into the Marvel Comic archive to unleash this new TV series featuring the protagonist Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk). In the original story, Jennifer Walters receives a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner (aka Hulk), which activates her Hulk-like superpowers. The new storyline takes a different direction with its inciting incident and places Walters in a car accident with her cousin. Bruce Banner’s Hulk blood is exchanged in the accident and Jennifer Walters becomes SHE-HULK.

She Hulk

We asked visual effects PA Marcus Farrell to give us some insight on what it’s like to work on a Marvel production. Marcus is a graduate of the Academy Gold Rising program and is active in the L.A. Film School alumni network.

Q&A with Marcus Farrell from the LAFS Film Program

You are busy working in post-production on She-Hulk! Can you describe what you do as a visual effects production assistant?

I run and facilitate meetings between our VFX team, VFX Supervisors and Producers, and our vendors. I also run dailies meetings for our team to troubleshoot before going up to the studio. Finally, I facilitate meetings between our VFX team and top Marvel execs before our shots go final.

What is your favorite thing about doing the work that you do every day?

I love the fact that I am working on something that millions of people have seen (the trailer) and will see when it’s released. Knowing that I’m part of something that touches so many lives and something that brings joy and buzz to others is my favorite thing about working here!

Any fun details you can share about what it’s been like working on She-Hulk? 

As a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’m just ecstatic about the fact that this is my life right now. I love my job, and I love the company I work for. I love the fact that everyone I run into loves Marvel and Disney as well and that we can nerd out about the latest movies and streaming TV related to the franchise!

Taking it back to your time as a film student, how did you first get inspired to pursue a film degree?

I’ve always been artistic in some form or another. Images of our world have profound power to elicit emotions from others…the way the sun hits a building…the way neon signs illuminate a street corner. I realized that working in film has a huge impact more than anything.

How did your experience in the Military help you prepare for working in the entertainment industry?

My time in the military taught me a myriad of skills… from working with many different personalities to multitasking. It also taught me the value of communication and working with and as a team. It also taught me the value of hard work and being consistent. It has helped me develop a strong work ethic which is needed in today’s world.

Do you have any advice for other veterans or active duty military students who want to pursue this industry?

My advice is don’t give up. Have faith in yourself and the process and put your best foot forward. Know that your hard work will be seen, even if not initially acknowledged, someone is always watching.

What’s next for you? Any other projects on the horizon?

Hopefully, many more Marvel productions. Until then, my next project is a personal one that involves working on the creation of a comic book/animation series with an animated music video for the Kickstarter launching later this year.

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Photos sourced via Marvel Comics