3 Words to Live by for Successful Film Students

As a student of The Los Angeles Film School you are part of the next generation of creative professionals. You will be provided with the resources and opportunities needed for success, but don’t let your education be limited to the classroom. Let these three words change your world and set you on the path to success.



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Explore yourself and your surroundings. As a student of The Los Angeles Film School, your classroom expands to all of the city. Major film studios like Universal, Warner Brothers, and Paramount are no more than a 5 miles radius from your location. Let Sunset Boulevard be your cafeteria, Santa Monica your bleachers, Venice your gymnasium, and Hollywood Boulevard your library.

If you’re new to Los Angeles, be ready to embrace its diversity, bask in the beautiful weather, and swim within its waves of eclectic people. Prepare to be challenged by the differences of others and take special notice of real-life tropes prevalent all around you. Whether you’re in China Town or Malibu Beach, when you explore the city’s populous you’ll learn a type of self-reflection unobtainable anywhere else. Getting to know new places helps put yourself into perspective; knowledge that will ultimately provide fuel for your creative endeavors.

If you’re a Los Angeles native, then you might even have more to learn. Growing up in this famous city might have numbed you to its importance. Take the time to explore what you might have written off before as a “tourist attraction” and hike to the Hollywood sign or visit the Griffith Observatory. Take a moment to realize that as an Angeleno you’re constantly surrounded by a torrent of conversation. If you listen, you’ll pick up some “industry” talk, and other times it may be a glimpse into a life that you would otherwise be unprivy to. Either way, channel this energy that gives life to the city of Angels. This leads me to my second point.


Interacting refers to the idea of not reducing yourself to a passive observer, but in sharing ideas and making valuable contacts in the city. Take advantage of The Los Angeles Film School’s Q&A events. Check the event calendar for opportunities to question and learn from successful filmmakers, such as the creators of The Tree of Life, Bridemaids, and Super 8. Advice from the shakers of Hollywood might be just what you need to overcome your next creative roadblock.
If the city and the school provide a one-of-a-kind meal, friends and acquaintances are the ones that will enhance the decadent taste. Networking might sound like that million-dollar word that guys in suits like to throw around, but despite its importance, it’s not as overwhelming as it might sound. The creative spirit thrives when ideas are tossed from one head to the other. Every conversation is brimming with potential. Student groups like Women in Media and Students of Entertainment help provide the playground for you to meet likeminded individuals that will help harvest new ideas. At the end of the day, whether it’s your classmate or the guy sitting next to you at Starbucks, that friend can be the partner you need to help your ideas manifest.


This last word to live by is the hope that you will harness the opportunities set before you, aim high with your ambitions, and make a commitment to produce something true to you. One would assume that you hope to join the ranks of those who create something alluring, thought provoking, or hilarious, or all the above. As a student of The Los Angeles Film School, you’ll have access to the resources necessary to actualize your story. Whether it’s the Advanced Postproduction lab, mastering lab, or Mac Lab, you have the freedom to achieve your vision.

Additionally, you will be provided with a variety of options to stage your ideas. Be sure to check out things like the 3D Film Festival, Angelus Student Film Festival, and the New Media Film Festival. Let the gravity and magnitude of where you are and what you’re doing weigh in on you. You have the power to reach for what you want and create what you’ve dreamed. The school you’re at and the city you’re in provides you with an endless amount of resources and opportunities. Now is your time to inspire.

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