Bill Cinque Coming To Campus

Bill Cinque is a motivational speaker and musician with years of experience in the entertainment industry.

This Thursday afternoon at 4:00pm, Career Development will be hosting musician Bill Cinque, author of The Amazing Adventures of a Moderately Successful Musician while he delivers a free TED Talk-style speech at our Ivar Theatre. Bill Cinque will share a multitude of ways to create success in today’s challenging music industry, and how to overcome any hurdles that may come your way on your path to success.


Thursday, February 18th, 4pm


Ivar Theatre
1605 North Ivar Avenue


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Bill is an accomplished guitarist and writer, and has working consistently in the music industry for decades. His discussion will revolve around being a working musician in today’s music industry, and the highs and lows that accompany the pursuit of a creative passion. His successes have not come easily, and Bill will speak about strategies he has employed over the years to make use of available technology and tools to increase his visibility in the crowded marketplace. He’ll also talk about how to earn a stable living as a musician, and advise students and grads on the best strategy and attitude needed to achieve success.