Community Support Resources During COVID-19

covid-19 Community Suport

Helpful Resources in a Time of Need

We wanted to share COVID-19 support resources with The Los Angeles Film School family. This is a difficult time for so many people and industries. If you know of other COVID-19 community support resources, please share them with our team! You can also find these resources shared across our own social channels and newsletter.

Here’s what companies and local LA businesses are sharing on their platforms:


To support our institutions during this challenging time, JSTOR and our participating publishers are making an expanded set of content freely available to our participating institutions where students have been displaced due to COVID-19.



Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 FREE at-home COVID-19 tests. The tests are completely free. Orders will usually ship in 7-12 days. Get your free COVID-19 test.

TimeOut Los Angeles

Need to restock your pantry? These restaurants are temporarily flipping corner stores.

Go to TimeOut Los Angeles

EcoSet LA

Need set materials for your next film project? EcoSet is an environmental production resource for the creative industries. Located in Atwater Village, EcoSet offers FREE set dec and stage materials!

EcoSet Los Angeles

Google Play

Want to watch free movies? Google Play has added hundreds of ad-supported titles to its platform.
Go to Google Play

The Great Courses

Go to The Great Courses

Individual Artist Fellowships

The Individual Artist Fellowships program intends to recognize, uplift, and celebrate California artists ages 18 and up.

The grant program identifies three career tiers at which artists may benefit from this support:

  • CAC Emerging Artist Fellows – $5,000 per award (approximately 70 artists to be supported) Artists with between two and four years of artistic practice.
  • CAC Established Artist Fellows – $10,000 per award (approximately 50 artists to be supported) Artists with between four and 10 years of artistic practice.
  • CAC Legacy Artist Fellows – $50,000 per award (approximately 10 artists to be supported) Well-established artists with 10 or more years of artistic practice.

Find out the grant program timeline for 2020-2021 here.

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