To conclude our celebration of Women’s History Month, we shine the spotlight on Emily Durkin—L.A. Film staff member

Emily was born in Waco, Texas and raised in Eudora, Kansas. After moving back to Waco, she graduated from Baylor University and moved to Los Angeles. She started working at The Los Angeles Film School in October 2017 as the Executive Assistant for the Film Department. Emily loves when a movie can make her feel safe, happy, and provides an escape from worries.

A scene from Emily Durkin’s film, “Thank You For Everything”

She creates her own films, photography and scripts in hopes to give that type of art to others. Her short film, Thank You, Eve is the piece she is most proud of, and she also has a feature film that is nearing the end of post-production, which she wrote, produced and directed while a film student.

A scene from Emily Durkin’s film, “Thank You For Everything”

Emily is inspired by the people around her: her friends, family and the students at The Los Angeles Film School. She wants every woman considering a career in creating to DO IT! Even if no one likes it, they made it. Making a film, even a bad one, is difficult work. A film is always something to proud of. Emily’s films, music videos and photography can be found at

Thanks, Emily!

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