Entertainment Business Alum Ruddy Salazar Talks National Geographic

Ruddy Salazar, a Film and Entertainment Business grad, has been hard at work on projects both big and small.

Ruddy Salazar is making moves in the industry. A hard worker with a brand of discipline and teamwork that only comes from those with a military background, he has worked on television shows including Southern Justice on National Geographic as an Associate Producer.

In this video, Ruddy talks about how working in small teams on set for Southern Justice helped him learn more about the process of producing and working together. Ruddy also shares how having a background in the military helped prepare him for a career in the entertainment business, and how he caught a glimpse of big foot on-set.

Russy Salazar

Ruddy Salazar worked on Southern Justice, a National Geographic show.

Ruddy’s work as a producer, combined with his knowledge of both film and business, makes him an effective leader on productions for network television and feature length films. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as Ruddy is currently involved in several productions.

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