Entertainment Business Instructor Spotlight

A Candle For My Mother

Winner of the 2019 Cynopsis PR Campaign at the Short Form Film Festival

We’d like to send a heartfelt congratulations to one of our Entertainment Business instructors, Pam Newton, who wrote and published her first book A Candle for My Mother. The novel chronicles the journey of her mother’s desire to see the world while raising a family. Newton recorded her mother’s storytelling over the course of three years and transcribed them into a novel about adventure, parenthood and personal memories.

A Candle for My Mother is an inspirational book because it’s about the gifts our mothers give us in this world. It’s also a memoir and a travel log and a history book! The cool thing was adding customizable pages that give the reader the opportunity to include their thoughts or memories – a poem, paste in a picture, document the “best day ever” in words or photos expressing the reader’s own gratitudes to his/her mom. A Candle for My Mother can then be given or kept for their library. It makes it very personal,” said Newton in an interview with How-To-Write-A-Book.com.

Pam Newton and fellow Entertainment Business instructor Clayton Guiltner created a video companion to the book in 2018. They filmed people of all ages and asked them to share something special about their own mothers on camera. The person-on-the-street interviews were then compiled into a nine-minute video along with a 45-second sizzle reel. Newton and Guiltner entered their reel into the 2019 Short Form Video Festival presented by Cynopsis Media in New York City and won in the PR Campaign category!

Pam Newton is a seasoned marketing executive and Entertainment Business instructor at The Los Angeles Film School. She teaches Entertainment Marketing and Public Relations among several other classes here at LAFS. See the full course offering for the Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business here.