Alum Kevin Otte Talks Film

We sat down with Film graduate Kevin Otte about his experience in the industry, and how he has overcome the challenges of filmmaking.

What sparked your interest in the entertainment industry?

“Growing up, there were so many movies that caused me to have a very adventurous childhood. It was one of those things where my friends and I would watch The Goonies then go in the woods looking for caves or trying to find treasure maps. Watching Monster Squad then researching different kinds of monsters. Just a lot of great memories. Kids today seem like they are too stuck behind I phones and computers and don’t take the opportunity to go out and have these kinds of adventures. I would like to make good movies that really bring you into them and are relateable  to where you can go have these adventures and pretend you are part of the movie.”

What brought you to the Los Angeles Film School?

“When I moved to LA, one of my roomates graduated from and worked at the film school. Once I mentioned that I was considering film school, She brought me in and showed me around. I then set a meeting with Maria Kozlov, who was extremely helpful! 18 months later, I graduated with an honors degree.”

What were some challenges that you ran into?

“The biggest challenge I had while going to school was work. I did however, get my first paid film job when I was only in Month 2. I was finally able to get a job with a friend at a marketing company that did most work on the weekends.”

What inspired you to keep going when those challenges rose?

“My biggest inspiration to keep going was basically that I was there doing what I loved. We had a great class that grew really close to each other. Being there together, hanging out with each other after school and on weekends, working on projects! I didn’t want to miss a minute of it. Our class became like one big family. We were all there for each other.”

What are your past and current projects of work since graduating? What Project are you most proud of?

“As of projects, I recently wrapped another feature last month which was my 91st paid project. I have been Production Coordinator on 3 feature films since June of this year plus worked as a Stage Manager for Zack Levi’s Nerd HQ at San Diego Comic Con in July. My friend and I who formed,, also have a paranormal show in development with the Executive Producers that I had the privilege of working with earlier this year. It’s hard to pinpoint which project I am most proud of. They have all been great experiences in one way or another.”

How has your education from LAFS helped you further your career?

“My education at LAFS was great because you get to learn some about each department in the industry. Like Dominic Koletes told us during one of our first classes “Who you know will get you in the door but, what you know, will keep you there.” It’s good to know a little of everything so, you can move around if need be and stay in that door.”

What advice would you give to our current students?

“Advice to current students would be to keep in contact with people. Send follow up e-mails to people you worked with, let them know your availability. I landed so many jobs just by following up. To all the current students, Keep up the hard work and making your dreams come true! Hopefully see you in the near future!”