Christopher Federici is a Game Production grad who previously worked for Jet Morgan Games, until he discovered a position at Riot Games was open. He applied and was brought in for an interview about a month later. Considering his experience and education, they were impresssed. The interview process was about six months long, in which he did a couple on site interviews and a few phone interviews all spread out over the course of six months. Christopher tells us:

It was a long process but totally worth the wait.

He’s been at Riot Games for almost a month now, working as a Technical Coordinator. In this position he helps manage a couple teams who support the Riot Games servers’ across the globe. It’s a very important job and fortunately Christopher has awesome teammembers. He makes sure they have everything they need, gets them in touch with the people they need to speak with, and supports long term goals. In addition to these tasks, he sets up training seminars for employees. There are a lot of initiatives in the company right now in coordinating with engineers and developers, so his job duties also have an element of event planning to bring a social aspect to the company.
Riot Games was ranked #4 in Business Insider’s “25 Best Tech Companies to Work For In 2013 and they often have company play tests, in which everyone hangs out and plays League of Legends together. There are a lot of activites the employees do to bond, such as attending seminars together and sending people out for when new offices open up. They also have yoga twice a week and a ninja training class. Christopher has yet to take it, but ..”it sounds really cool!” Also a kickboxing class happens on site as well. Needless to say, Christopher has an awesome job and is excelling at it thus far.