Veteran students Robert Jackson and Cameron Berry met in 2010 while serving in the Marine Corps. They were planning on re-enlisting when, in 2011, they decided to attend a rave featuring electronic dance music. Inspired by their memorable experience at the rave, they decided not to re-enlist with the Marines, and that they would instead become electronic musicians. They approached their 1st Sergeant and told him they were leaving the military, and reported that he was very supportive of their music industry ambitions.
Only a few days later, Robert was working on fixing a flat tire for a friend’s truck. He removed the blown tire from the Chevy Suburban, and when he was affixing the new tire, the jack collapsed, pinning Robert down and crushing his shoulders and arms. Cameron was able to rush to Robert’s aid, and picked up the truck just enough to let him roll out from beneath the vehicle, saving his life. From that point forward, Robert and Cameron took creating music very seriously, and decided to attend The Los Angeles Film School to further fuel their musical journey.
Cameron has since completed his Recording Arts degree program, and is currently enrolled in the Music Production track. Robert is about to graduate from the Recording Arts program, and will also move into the Music Production track.
Robert and Cameron have formed the duo, Skittz0, and are currently signed to Formidable Records, a boutique dance music label. They are currently the highest-selling artist on the label, and with each new track their star continues to rise.
After graduation, the duo plans on touring nation-wide, and eventually establishing a residency at a club.