The Los Angeles Film School and Jeff Goldsmith hosted a screening of Hot Tub Time Machine 2, followed by a Q&A with Director Steve Pink on Monday, February 23rd.

Following the screening, Steve Pink provided his thoughts about the process of creating the comedy, as well as his production process.

“Be efficient in your filmmaking.”

Steve started to discuss the process of being concise and narrative-minded when writing and directing a film, to ensure that the atmosphere is relaxed for the talent and they can use the set as a place to bounce ideas around. Steve Pink has worked with actor John Cusack on several films, including High Fidelity and Hot Tub Time Machine, Steve reflected on where they met.

“I met John when we were in high school. He’s a great actor, and always does a good job.”

When asked about the most difficult part of making the film, Steve responded,

“The scale was the hardest part.”

Jeff asked Steve what it is like working with great comedians, including Rob Corddry, John Cusack, and Jack Black,

“When you have great comedians, keep rolling.”

In regards to the editing style for the film, Steve answered,

“If it isn’t funny, it is cut.”

Thank you all for coming to the event, and stay tuned for information regarding upcoming screenings. Remember to tag us in your social media posts during the Q&A!

Listen to Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast, The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith.



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