In The Spotlight: Ira Houston and Clay Hanna

Ira Houston was in the Army for 6 years, and after leaving the military, he learned about the GI Bill, and what it could mean for his future. After weighing his academic options, Ira chose to attend The Los Angeles Film School because it is a, “total immersion program.” He knew that it would be an instant jumpstart into the industry, and that he would be taking instruction on-set and learning the ropes in a real-world environment, as opposed to using textbooks alone and applying the acquried concepts later.
Ira chose to pursue the Entertainment Business bachelor’s program because he believed in the program’s core mission. When he was told about it, he liked how extraneous learning material was cast aside from the curriculum, and that it expanded upon content that is important and relevant in the 21st century entertainment business.
As a Veteran, Ira is thankful to have been involved in the Army. While serving in the armed forces, he learned organization, prioritizing, stress control, determination, and a willingness to help others. These are all traits that he believes will translate into his effectiveness in the field.
Ira recently acquired an internship with Synchronous Media, and is working in the office of David Gale. He has been learning an incredible amount about new media internet-based platforms, such as YouTube, and is excited to dive into the project they are working on, which will be hitting a larger military audience.
Ira is looking forward to acquiring a working knowledge of a full-featured production house. More specifically, he is looking forward to working closely with David Gale, an acclaimed and accomplished producer and executive, and discovering what it takes to complete projects on a large scale.
Clay Hanna is a Marine Corps. Veteran, and is currently enrolled in the Entertainment Business bachelor’s degree program. In addition to his current academic pursuits, he is also a graduate of the Film and Recording Arts programs at The Los Angeles Film School. Clay is excited to learn about all aspects of filmmaking so he can apply that newfound knowledge while delving deep into the industry.
Back in 2009, Clay was hit head-on by a drunk driver, and it changed his perception about life and his pursuits. Unable to do the job that he was performing at the time, he decided to re-evaluate his goals. After learning about the GI Bill, he decided to do something that he loves and has a passion for doing: Filmmaking. He started researching his options, and the Los Angeles Film School fell into his sights. Clay has enjoyed the prime location of the facilities, the amazing faculty and staff, and the real-world curriculum that is based on a hands-on approach to learning. Clay believes that when you step up and take advantage of an opportunity, you can create something great from it.
Clay’s military background has provided him with many skills that will be useful when he transitions into the entertainment industry, including leadership, confidence, organization, and having a can-do attitude. While in the Marine Corps., Clay remembers the mantra, “adapt and overcome.” This has been a constant reminder about making the most of what you have, and as a soldier and filmmaker, Clay looks forward to adapting this mentality to his professional career.
Clay recently began an internship with Synchronous Media as well. He considers it to be an amazing opportunity to work with David Gale and his assistant, Jordan Duke. Looking forward, Clay is excited to work hands-on with such an acclaimed producer and gain invaluable insights about the entertainment industry.