Guardians of The Galaxy Screening with Writer/Director James Gunn

Writer/Director James Gunn

On Wednesday, December 17, The Los Angeles Film School hosted a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy a film depicting a misfit gang of heroes as they explore the galaxy. The film is a triumph of heart, visual splendor, and humor on a big-budget level, and became the top-grossing film of 2014. Following the screening, Jeff Goldsmith, producer of the iPad app, Backstory, held a Q&A with writer/director James Gunn where he described his experience working on the film.

I went to school for writing, originally.

James discussed his upbringing in the creative industry.

My whole life I’ve wanted to do a space opera.

Discussing the character arcs and scope of Guardians of the Galaxy, James discussed how lucky he felt landing the directing job for the movie.

I can’t believe Marvel allowed me to make this, and am so grateful to everyone who saw this movie.

Regarding the extensive use of high-fidelity special effects, James Gunn reflected

One thing we concentrated on a lot was Rocket’s face, especially during the emotional moments.

Regarding the color palette of the film, Gunn added.

I wanted to bring back the colors of science fiction in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Special thanks to everyone who attended the event, and please keep checking your emails for news regarding upcoming events.