Jordan Wilby Wins an Emmy for Watchmen

Jordan Wilby

Jordan Wilby (Recording Arts 2004) takes home his third Emmy win in the Sound Effects Editing Category.

It’s no surprise that Jordan Wilby was recognized for his sound effects editing work on HBO’s Watchmen at this year’s Live Emmy ceremony. As a member of the award-winning Technicolor team, Jordan has partnered with some of the most talented sound designers in Hollywood.

Jordan has worked as a sound effects editor and designer for more than 10 years after graduating from The L.A. Recording School. He has previously won two Emmys for Stranger Things Seasons 1 and 2 and has been nominated six times in total.

Sound effect editors play a key role in building the background and ambient noise on a film or TV show. Whether its a door creaking open or punching sounds during a fight scene, sound effects are key to matching what the audience sees on-screen to what they hear. Next time you watch one of the shows Jordan has worked on (Stranger Things, Watchmen, The Punisher, to name a few), pay attention to the background sounds that you hear.

Congratulations to Jordan Wilby and all our amazing alumni who contributed to Emmy-winning productions!

Oz Rodriguez (Film 2003) was a Segment Director on Saturday Night Live, which won five Emmys. Oz is a 2020 Spotlight Award Inductee. He has three past Emmy nominations and one win.

Alec Nickel (Film 2014) was Second Assistant Camera on Succession, which received seven Emmys.

Kevin Monge (Animation 2012) was a photogrammetry 3D artist on The Mandalorian which won seven Emmys. Kevin also worked on The Boys, which received an Emmy nomination.

Philipp Barnett (Film 2003) was the Producer on Euphoria, which won three Emmys. Timberly Matonic (Recording Arts 2007) and Robert Shoemaker (Film 2004) also worked on Euphoria as Set Dresser and Rigging Lighting Technician respectively.

Jason Neudecker (Film 2012) was Key Assistant Location Manager and Alan Manzo Becerra was Office PA on Hollywood, which received two Emmy Awards.

Ariana Georgescu (Animation 2012) was a Digital Compositor on Godfather of Harlem, which won an Emmy. She also worked on Wu-Tang: An American Saga, which received a nomination.

Sean Brennan was Art Director on Stranger Things which received an Emmy. Sean has been the Art Director for all three seasons of the show.

Sir Darryl Farris (Recording Arts 2012) was a Composer and Soundtrack Performer on Insecure, which won an Emmy. Robert Shoemaker (Film 2004) also worked as a Rigging Lighting Technician on the show.

Jamiel VanOver (Film 2010) was First Assistant Camera on The Morning Show, which won an Emmy.

Raul Perez (Film 2008) did Digital Utility on Black-Ish, which won an Emmy.

The Los Angeles Film School had 32 different Alumni work on 35 different productions, which received 193 nominations and 41 wins. Congrats!