Hosted at The Los Angeles Film School, Musicology is a monthly series featuring top industry professionals in music, television and film. The seminar serves as an informative platform to assist inspiring producers, songwriters, engineers and executives with being successful in the entertainment industry.

This special event featured an all-female entrepreneur and personality cast of panelists speaking on past successes, future goals and advice for young talent looking to be artists and/or people behind the scenes moving and shaking as they are. The following guests joined the panel, moderated by Brittney Boston.

Echo Hattix – CEO At Echoing Soundz Publicity & Marketing Agency working with artists like E-40, Too Short and many more

Jen DeLeon – Producer |Correspondent at Hot New Hip Hop, SKEE.TV &

Yesi Ortiz – TV/Radio Personality/ Asst. Music Director Power 106 / Nuvo TV / Love & Hip Hop LA

Roslynn Cobarrubias – Co-Founder of, CEO/Founder of Third Floor Network & Co-Founder of FourXample Productions (Partnership with Quincy, Mike Navi (SKEE.TV) & Matt Mrok)

Jocelyn Vega – Dash Radio and SKEE TV Host and Producer.
The event kicked off with questions about the origins of the panelists. Echo Hattix discussed her beginnings in Los Angeles.
“When I moved to Los Angeles I only knew one person… I knew I had to be focused to make it in the industry.”
Yesi Ortiz provided some insight on the importance of perseverance.
“I left my family to work in radio in Mexico, and wound up at Power 106. If you aren’t afraid, you will continue to pursue anything you are after.”
Echo chimed in with her position on challenging yourself,
“Don’t do the same thing every day. Mix it up.”
Roslynn Cobarrubias discussed her role working at MySpace in the mid 2000’s.
“I was proud to be a part of MySpace. We gained 200 Million users in 5 years.”
Brittney Boston asked the panelists if they’ve ever felt like giving up their dream to be a part of the entertainment industry, and how they remained focused.
Jen DeLeon jumped in,
“If you want to do it, you can do it.”
Echo Hattix added,
“Stay on your A-Game, and stay on the court. Don’t relax.”
Moving on, the topic of networking came up. The panelists quickly engaged the audience on how important it is to maintain professional relationships, beginning with Roslynn Cobarrubias.
“You have to know the value of what you are asking for, and offer reciprocal value for it.”
Echo surveyed the room, and gauged her perspective,
“Don’t just hit people up when you need something.”
The conversation then shifted to brand promotion. Echo Hattix, with her years of marketing experience, dove in,
“Move around. Be on the scene. Be a part of the public to become popular.”
Jen DeLeon discussed her perspective on building a brand,
“Make a website, and ensure that your social media accounts represent who you are.”
Yesi Ortiz added her insight on knowing one’s self.
“A logo is important. Knowing who you are is #1.”
Wrapping up the event, Roslynn Cobarrubias said,
“I wish I could have gone to The Los Angeles Film School.”
Special thanks to everyone who attended this event. Continue checking your emails and the blog for information regarding upcoming campus panels and Q&A’s!