Paradise Hills Q&A with Alice Waddington

Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills is Equal Parts Fantasy,

Female Empowerment and friendship

Spanish film director Alice Waddington screened her debut film, Paradise Hills at The L.A. Film School’s main theater. Paradise Hills is a dreamy coming-of-age fantasy that exposes the gender norms family and society force onto women. While the set may be cloaked in tulle and femininity, the film gives a younger female audience the chance to see themselves in the fearless characters on screen.

Emma Roberts plays the film’s protagonist, Uma, who is forced into a reform school against her will. Uma bands together with two other girls played by Awkwafina and Danielle Macdonald to escape Paradise Hills and the evil dutchess (Milla Jovovich).

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Alice Waddington

Paradise Hills Director Alice Waddington with Moderator Michael Muncatchy

Thank you, Alice!