Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills is Equal Parts Fantasy, Female Empowerment and friendship

Spanish film director Alice Waddington screened her debut film, Paradise Hills at LAFS. It’s a dreamy coming-of-age fantasy that exposes the gender norms family and society force onto women. While the set may be cloaked in tulle and femininity, the film gives a younger female audience the chance to see themselves in the fearless characters on screen.

Emma Roberts plays the film’s protagonist, Uma, who is forced into a reform school against her will. Uma bands together with two other girls played by Awkwafina and Danielle Macdonald to escape Paradise Hills and the evil dutchess (Milla Jovovich).

Watch the Q&A with Alice Waddington
Alice Waddington

Paradise Hills Director Alice Waddington with Moderator Michael Muncatchy

Thank you, Alice!