“Find a way or make one; self-made or never made,” is a quote from Orison Swett Marden and accurately describes Los Angeles Recording School alum Paula Joseph, who graduated back in September of 2011 and has since founded her own production company Good Karma Entertainment, providing engineering and web development services. She also has been building her own credits as an artist, going by the R&B moniker “Karma”, hence the company name Good Karma Entertainment. Having performed just last year in Las Vegas with the Isley Brothers, Karma additionally inked a deal at the Karma Lounge (ironically) in Los Angeles for monthly performances.
Paula initially cut two promotional music videos and released her entire debut album for free download on her website as vehicles to market and build a following for her music. Being a graduate of the Recording School, she recorded, mixed and engineered her own music and had fellow LARS alum Gilbert Hernandez help with mastering.
After being picked up the blogosphere, her music took off. She was taken aback, however, by the number of fans who contacted her to ask where they could purchase more of work. More confident than ever that her fan base will support her with sales, Paula plans to release her follow up album (this time for purchase via digital download) later this fall, and embark on a promotional tour shortly after. Securing distribution is also on the agenda as well.
Never one to put all her eggs in one basket, Paula has taken advantage of her sharp entrepreneurial business acumen to ensure financial stability through other ventures while she waits to reap the rewards of a performing career. As a side business, Paula built her own home studio and now uses it to record and run sessions for other local independent artists when she’s not producing her own music. Her clientele has grown so much that she is now looking at expanding to a larger studio office space that she can run and advertise as its own business entity.
With so many business ventures in the works, and even more projects just a few months ahead, you would be surprised to learn that one commitment that Paula has prioritized amongst her career aspirations is her education. Currently, Paula is enrolled at Arizona State University’s online undergraduate program which offers a flexible curriculum that will allow her to complete her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts by next summer without having to deal with the rigid in-class schedule that is required by most schools. As a former afterschool enrichment teacher in the L.E.A.P. program, Paula’s goal to finish her degree is an important personal accomplishment. In her matter-of-fact practical sense, Paula admits to wanting a degree to fall back on just in case she tires on the music industry and decides to shift her career into the education field. But she doesn’t expect that really ever to happen. If her early success is any indication, teaching’s loss is the music industry’s gain.
All of Paula’s content, including links to her videos, album, and web design business can be found at: http://www.karmatheartist.com/

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